Wiki Tribe by Wiki World | World Design Awards 2020

Wiki World: Honorable Mention of World Design Awards 2020. Wiki Tribe is a theme park built by international families, located in Mogan River Valley, Deqing Huzhou, covering an area of 20 acres. As an implement of “co-construction, sharing, symbiosis” from HABITAT III, Wiki Tribe was planned and designed by architects, however, unlike traditional cultural tourism projects, part of the public buildings in Wiki Tribe was designed and built by children and parents from city and countryside.

Wiki Tribe was designed to be a parenting and holiday park in the context of Rural Revitalization. The project includes Urban Thinkers Campus of UN-habitat, Sino-French WoCC Architectural Festival, Parki City and Wiki House.

Wiki Tribe got on-site support from UN-habitat, World Children Campaign and 7 Billion Urbanists. And Parki City from Wiki World, an interactive building game and a parenting construction course, will provide the sustainable energy to the project – different communities and families can design and build here in the future, architecture has been reformed into an educational and social platform. Thus, the project will be redefined and upgraded constantly by customers from now on.

Wiki World is dedicated to link people with natural architecture. We believe that architect is a science full of joy. We wish that one day machine will not be the only method to build, architecture will be back to the hands of human beings.

Community Co-building & Civic Engineering: “Urban Thinker Campus” of UN-HABITAT

As Urban Thinkers Campus of WUC of UN-habitat and the core content of Wiki Tribe, we have invited 12 families from Little Fish Community to co-build two Wiki House through group learning and children-parents cooperation. The whole process took five hours. It was abided by New Urban Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals from HABITAT III, and inspired to search advanced cases of high quality human settlements globally.

“Kids Can Build”: A new form of architectural pedagogy involving kids

In this Sino-French WoCC Architectural Festival, over 100 children and parents co-built a flash building tribe, covering 160㎡, 5m height, in 6 hours. The tribe was entirely built with Parki, an independent research and development children architecture product. It was a playground for children, as well as a public space for studies and parties.

Architecture of Naturism

Wiki Tribe has introduced a modular wooden system researched and developed by Wiki World. The material was made from imported log. Because of this high precision construction method, not only those Parki-based buildings that can be built by families but also Wiki Houses consume zero concrete and can blend into the nature seamlessly.

Open and Collaborative Architecture

As an innovative result of collaboration of Wiki World, SUNAC and many other international institutions, Wiki Tribe probes into a new relationship between architects and so-called users in an architectural way, and seeks a possibility to use architect as a media of space cooperation in the internet and new consumerism era.

Firm: Wiki World
Architects: Mu Wei
Category: Cultural Built
Project Location: Huzhou
Team: Mu Wei, Zhang Yingchun, Ye Zhicong, Wu Baorong

Country: China
Photography ©Credit: Wiki World

Wiki World is the first collaborative architecture living community in the world. We provide a global-shared architectural course system for children and parents, a nature camp product which contributes to personal growth, aiming to create a refreshing lifestyle back to nature, allowing everyone to build their own homeland in nature.