Wuhan UICENTER Showroom | Bluemoon Design | IRA Awards 2023

Bluemoon Design: Winner of International Residential Architecture Awards 2023. The project is located in Wuhan, China, with an area of 220 sq.m. The designers liken the space to “a black forest in the city”, which is cosy, tranquil and moving.

When walking inside the living room, one will be immediately struck by its vintage, natural and pure aesthetics. The upward-growing green plant, the unfolding cactus, and the leather chair capture tranquility and beauty in the midst of tension. Each object in the room, including a collection of books, old artifacts, the black wood table, bronze carpet, plain china saucers, etc, stay silent but have its own soul.

Facing the window, the river vistas gently illumine three meals at four seasons. The bedroom is filled with intrigue and vitality by dividing and superimposing the blocks to break the constraint of forms. Stepping into the study is like opening a new door of life. Along with the stacks of books on display, antique Roman statues, rolled wool carpet, and exquisite red stone, reflect the owner’s inner spiritual realm.

“We hope these plain scenery and objects could interpret and convey the subtle emotional memories and integrate themselves into daily life”, said the designers.

By doing so, an aspirational habitat has been created, where natural elements, traces of time, and inclusive artistic expression meet and collide.

Project Details
Bluemoon Design

Kelly Lin

Project Name
Wuhan UICENTER Showroom


Project Location

Kelly Lin, Jerry Tian


Photography ©Credit
©Ao Xiang

Born in 2002, Bluemoon Design means a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and a belief in the beauty of the heart. It has been focusing on interior and exterior space design and soft furnishing design, with services including hotels, clubs, sales centers and showrooms.

With 21 years of experience, the company now has an international design team of over 150 people. As one of the representatives of Chinese interior design with an international vision, Bluemoon integrates natural artistic wisdom and inspiration, and perfectly mixes aesthetic qualities and design consciousness to create a unique style for each project beyond expectation. Today, it not only leads the way in modern and luxurious urban property design, but also serves as one of the most influential contemporary cultural and tourism property design companies in China.