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ShenZhen 31 Design: Winner of World Design Awards 2023. Wuhan 101 is located in Wuhan, the largest city in Central China, and adjacent to the Yangtze River. It integrates PARK, TOD and CBD, and is located in the core area of the city.

The design team believes that “luxury itself is not of matter , but the experience of life”, making full use of excellent landscape and architectural conditions, combined with the insight into the needs of high-end class life, the construction of international luxury hotels into the space design of the lobby and the club, to create a noble, international, and surprising pleasant experience.

In the lobby space, make full use of the extraordinary spatial scale, And with the height, scale, height, scattered, virtual and real, change, outline the rich level of space, create a dramatic space experience. At the same time, the local culture such as the river ,the ark and the horse is implanted into the space, and the space art is skillfully sketched with the local culture, linking the local and emotion, and triggering resonance.

The club, equipped with infinity pool, cigar bar, lounge, private dining room, health club, tea room and other multiple functions, meets the circle social, private exclusive. At the same time, the Yangtze River and urban landscape are introduced into the interior, combining the eastern artistic conception with modern aesthetics, and integrating the sense of film scene into the space design to create a unique immersive experience; In the creation of art, the consideration of people and the city is also taken into consideration in the design, extending the spiritual and cultural vitality of Wuhan.

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ShenZhen 31 Design

ShenZhen 31 Design

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ShenZhen 31 Design


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Shenzhen 31 Design is dedicated to high-end interior design, and is popular among sectors such as brand hotels, super luxurious mansion projects, and featured real estate projects. Meanwhile, 31 Design has been venturing in the commercial headquarters and other business design sectors.

31 Design upholds the principle of human-centered design, and focuses on shaping a space with unique experience, accompanied by details with a humanistic touch. 31 Design strives to foster emotional resonance, in order to create infinite possibilities for life. 31 Design has created various works that have won over 100 significant awards in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific region.