Xiamen International Bank | Fancy Design | World Design Awards 2023

Fancy Design: Runner-Up of World Design Awards 2023. Located on the west side of the Huandao East Road, the Xiamen International Bank Building focuses the green architecture featuring the harmony between people and between humans and nature in its interior design, in combination with the new direction of technological development, to bring the ecological and commercial environment together for a shared space enjoyed by multiple entities. Meanwhile, it integrates local traditional culture, using new technologies such as 5G and AI to create a representative office space as a landmark in the region, with both world-class quality and a nationwide leading position with forward-looking design.

Project Details
Fancy Design

Guoxi Fang

Project Name
Xiamen International Bank

World Design Awards Category
Public Building Interior Concept

Project Location
Xiamen City, Fujian Province, China

Zexin Lu, Yao Chen, Ningmei Huang, Huozao Chen


Photography ©Credit
©Weiren Huang

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