Xikang Road 989 | Kris Lin International Design | International Residential Architecture Awards 2021

Kris Lin International Design.: Winner of International Residential Architecture Awards 2021. Being in the prosperous metropolis-Shanghai, with global and oriental characters and unique Shanghai culture, the extravagant and spacious apartments are extremely precious and splendid, which are with a floor area of about 180-206 square meters and located in the inner ring of Shanghai. The designer upholds the design concept of traditional and fashion coexistence, with the light and modern Shanghai style as the main focus, turning the complexity into simplicity, interpreting the modern living space of Shanghai culture in the natural and exquisite.

The integrated design of the living room, dining room and kitchen weakens the boundaries of functional areas, enhances the permeability of the interior space, and improves the sense of scale of the space. It emphasizes the continuity of space, which is connected to form a larger visual depth, with richer spatial levels and stronger mobility.

The dining room also adopts the style of the living room, and the warmth and tranquility created by the warm brown tone of beige and white echoes the whole space harmoniously. The use of brown laminated glass in the dining room and kitchen is transparent and independent, and the garden-oriented landscape dining room shows the beauty of each season.

Separate bathroom, the wall and floor are made of the same stone in one piece, the dark material creates a comfortable atmosphere by its balanced and integrated design. Double basin design and reasonable planning division achieves the perfect combination of functions and aesthetics.

Project Details
Kris Lin International Design

Project Name
Xikang Road 989

Kris Lin

International Residential Architecture Awards Category
Housing Interior Built

Project Location

Kris Lin, Jiayu Yang


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©Kris Lin International Design

In Shanghai, so far, KLID has been 17 years, Our company can take “architectural design” “interior design” landscape” and “soft outfit design and soft outfit” four integrated design firm, adhering to the “KLID” design philosophy, the pursuit of design works, and always keep a special style of building, landscape, interior by KRIS LIN of director personally, soft outfit by the JIAYU YANG director personally. See the world with an open mind and bring millions of ideas with a new vision. Every observant person adheres to this objective and creates more amazing works. The next work will be better.