Xining Tianbo Sales Gallery | Hong Kong Fong Wong Architects Group | World Design Awards 2022

Hong Kong Fong Wong Architects Group: Winner of World Design Awards 2022. Encounter dreams in the fantasy fairy tale space, transform the unconstrained creativity in the dream into a design space, creating a fantasy paradise that is completely different from life, from the inside to the outside, interpreting the unique and fantastic dream world of children.

Design changes life, design empowers space. The design inspiration of the Xining Tianbo Sales Gallery uses the “dream paradise tour” as the story clue to analyze the space theme, and the theme of “dream, joy, exploration, and childishness”, bringing visitors into the children’s dream world. In the childlike space, taste joyful life and explore the dream country.

The overall style of the Xining Tianbo Sales Gallery is modern, using warm colors and metal lines on a large area to create a modern, light luxury, and exquisite sense of space; material colors are mainly light colors, using solid paint, wall coverings and metal Together, it presents a refined and elegant taste of life; the overall spatial structure is open and transparent, with superior lighting, just like a slowly opening fairy tale world.

Energetic and imaginative are used as the interior design language, and the path of growth is measured with innocence, so that the purest interest of life can be felt in the children’s unique and fantastic dreams. The designer believes that luxury is not the most important thing for young people. Warm, relaxed, cheerful, and full of life quality life is what they really need.

Project Details
Hong Kong Fong Wong Architects Group

Tsun Fong

Project Name
Xining Tianbo Sales Gallery

World Design Awards Category
Commercial and Mix-Use Interior Built

Project Location

Tsun Fong、Chenyusheng、Chenjianyu、Liuyulan、Lichan、Tangtianyuan


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©Hong Kong Fong Wong Architects Group

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