Yanlord Land•Hangzhou Bay | Shanghai PTArchitects | International Residential Architecture Awards 2021

Shanghai PTArchitects: Winner of International Residential Architecture Awards 2021. Yanlord Land·Hangzhou Bay is located near the south bank of Qiantang River. The planning of the residential development responded to the urban context and landscape resources in the site. After a market research and an analysis of the clients, two types of residential developments, respectively, high-rise and multi-storey building, were adopted. High-rise buildings form an elegant city interface, while multi-storey buildings open up to the river bank. With a well-arranged design, the clustered buildings seem to incline to the river bank, which enriches the layers of space and maximizes the use of landscape resources. Meanwhile, delicate twist of architectural angles achieved maximum spacing and sight distance, thus making the residential community more transparent and shaping a relaxing and elegant vacationing-like atmosphere and a high-standard living environment.

    Instead of traditional high-rise and low-rise buildings, the architects aimed to create spaces that are more diversified and conducive to the communication of various groups. In addition to enlarging the spacing between buildings, squares were reserved at the corners of city streets, so as to create more communicative spaces for the community.

    Exits & entrances were set on various plots, while an overpass was planned to link the residential plots with the commercial facility in the community, which not only satisfies the needs such as dining, reception, recreation and education, but also facilitates the mutual interaction of the community. In this way, the unbounded living concepts were truly realized.

    The facades are mainly composed of champagne-colored aluminum panels and are complemented by glass, metal skirting and coating, which accentuate the elegant, modern charm and “contemporaneity” of the architecture.

    The welcoming building serves as the gateway for the occupants to return home, so its design emphasizes delicateness, warmth and sense of ceremony. Materials such as champagne-colored aluminum panels, brushed aluminum panels with copper-like texture, metal grilles and profile skirting were combined to accentuate the warmth and delicateness of buildings and symmetrical design approaches were leveraged to strengthen the sense of ritual of returning home. The gray space at the entrance and inner courtyard bring a strong sense of belonging for the clients, thereby enhancing the welcoming building’s warm sense of place.

    A de-stylized approach was applied to facade design, which emphasized the unfolding of the horizontal lines to form elegant and outstretched visual effects. The architects first ensured the overall style and then created architectural details to stimulate the deep sensory experiences of the occupants.

    In dealing with the facades of multi-storey buildings, the architects emphasized the horizontal unfolding of the buildings and treated the cantilever slabs and glass banisters via delicate craftsmanship, thereby adding more elegance and exquisiteness to the residential buildings and greatly enhancing their sense of quality. The architects made the most of the river views and rooftop terraces to create high-value-added residential buildings such as “river view villa” on the ground floor and “sky villa” on the rooftop to meet the demands of different clients for different living spaces and lifestyles.

Project Details
Shanghai PTArchitects

Project Name
Yanlord Land•Hangzhou Bay

Feng Bo

International Residential Architecture Awards Category
Housing Multi-Family Built

Project Location

Feng Bo, Ruan Weiqing


Photography ©Credit
©Zeng Jianghe, 10 studio(Yuan Yang)

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