CGDG Cambridge | Lacime Architects | International Residential Architecture Awards 2021

Lacime Architects: Winner of International Residential Architecture Awards 2021The project is located in Shuangliu District Aviation Port – the central area of Chengdu’s southward development. The northeast side of the base is surrounded by two subway lines and has convenient transportation. The west side is adjacent to Sichuan University, and the surrounding area is dominated by mature residential communities with older urban interfaces, so this case also assumes the role of urban image renewal of the area.

This project adopts Chinese artistic conception and Western expression method to integrate the local art elements, build a vibrant city, and inherit Chinese and Western culture of the home town of overseas Chinese. Based on the unparalleled river view resources of Xinhui District, the project creates characteristic waterfront residential areas, and designs luxuriant multi-functional lawns and modern park-style life, letting people enjoy a leisurely journey.

Site Conditions and Design Strategy

The site is flat, with a narrow frontage interface, which is a pocket-type inward land. Under the multiple constraints of sunlight restriction, household width, landscape resources and land value maximization, the design needs to fully exploit the inward resources to respond to the boundary conditions in order to better realize the local residents’ demands for improved living quality. The design concept focuses on the future, combines the design standards of healthy houses, creates a park-like landscape experience, creates works that update and enhance the image of the area, and aims to become a model of high-quality local housing.

Overall Plan

The planning respects the original texture of the base and pays attention to the creation of the environment of the settlement itself. The general layout adopts the basic pattern of enclosing slab buildings with two point buildings in the middle. The independent office tower is located at the only frontage interface, connecting the city and nature, while leaving the best site for the residences, without interfering with each other. In the inner courtyard, the spacing between the buildings is widened as much as possible to create a landscape space of “one axis, three courtyards and nine scenes”; the landscape movement line are curved through the plane to form a multi-layered form of winding paths and opaque passages, outlining a number of appropriately scaled living gardens. In the urban interface, the height restriction conditions are combined to form a staggered spatial layout, reducing the sense of oppression to the city and creating a free flowing spatial image.

Facade Design

The design adopts strict and high standards to create a futuristic facade of the area to match the quality position of the project in the market. Through in-depth analysis, the unique design language of “Flying Bird Folding Board” was finally selected to resolve the uneven volume relationship in the form of “surface”. The sense of separation between the walls formed the superimposition of the facade levels. The double-layer flying wing shape on the top, wrapped with folded plate coated glass, the lightness of the construction volume, combined with the wood grain elements on the inside, highlights the refinement and texture at human scale. A large number of glass surfaces make the overall texture of the building more transparent. The changing relationship of stone, metal aluminum plate and grille emphasizes the memory of the building itself.

Floor Plan Design

Given the high-quality landscape of the central garden, the standard floor plan units will all adopt the combination of 4 bays + 2 bays with landscape balconies, resulting in a maximized landscape interface, accurately matching the width of the units and the high-end positioning of the project.

Community Support

In order to better serve community residents, improve residents’ health levels, and create a healthy medical community, the project is equipped with organic food supermarkets, health promotion centers, national sports fields, shared libraries, and other China Green Health House product design standards. Let residents enjoy a healthy life and fulfill their ideal living experience.


The development of a city is a process of continuous creation and guidance. With a futuristic aesthetic concept, China Green Cambridge links the past and future community life of the city, and melts into the human-oriented life scene through the ultimate aesthetic creation. Through the design, we hope to create high-end residential works that meet the future trend of healthy and quality life.

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Lacime Architects

Project Name
CGDG Cambridge

Lacime Architects

International Residential Architecture Awards Category
Housing More than 5 Floors Concept

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MA Junchang, ZHANG Yi


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