GREENTOWN CHINA HOLDINGS LIMITED: Winner of International Residential Architecture Awards 2023. Greentown · Yun Park is a residential development located in the emerging Shuixi area in Tianjin, whose core is Shuixi Park, the largest wetland park in the outer ring road of Tianjin. With a unique geographical location that enjoys quietness in the bustling downtown area, Yun Park is endowed with a “reclusive life” atmosphere, attracting a large number of elites in Tianjin who yearn for nature and freedom of mind to settle down in this community. Plot F of the community consists of two residential building clusters on east and west sides. The low-density low-rise buildings and the Chinese-style stacked villas offer a fusion that presents an Oriental aesthetic and ambience. The following project description is mainly about the stacked villas in the east area.

The project incorporates the essential techniques of traditional Chinese gardens, such as  piling rockeries and organizing water systems, and elements like gray stones, running streams, old trees and tall bamboo groves, to naturally create a charming scene and atmosphere unique to Jiangnan Region, which echoes with the scenery of the Shuixi Park in a way that evokes a classical and fun aesthetic. This creates spiritual resonance between the project and Jiangnan gardens.

The stacked villas of the project inherit the Chinese-style quintessence of the villa property series developed by Greentown China. The facade design extracts the elements of traditional Chinese architecture including upturned eaves, carved beams and painted surfaces, and translates them into simple and neat lines. Besides, the project also reinterprets seven traditional architectural elements— “columns, walls, eaves, tiles, ridges, yards and materials” through advanced craftsmanship and materials. These strategies are intended to shape a restrained, simple, light and calm building image, create a refined model that inherits the past and enlightens the present and incorporate the Oriental artistic conception of nature, thereby constructing a residential development that aligns with international aesthetics and demonstrates an upgrade of aesthetics that highlights simplicity.

Project Details

Ding Ding, Yang Lei, Ma He, Fu Zhe, Jia Wei, Huang Peng, Xu Qiang, Fan Zhihui, Liu Wenyu

Project Name
Yun Park (Plot F)

Housing Upto 5 Floors Built

Project Location
Tianjin, China

Ding Ding, Yang Lei, Ma He, Fu Zhe, Jia Wei, Huang Peng, Xu Qiang, Fan Zhihui, Liu Wenyu


Photography ©Credit
©Zhen Qi/Zhen Vision

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