Land No.32 Chengdu Tianfu New Area Residential Project | HZS | IRA Awards 2023

HZS: Winner of International Residential Architecture Awards 2023. The project is located at the headquarters base in the central business district of Chengdu’s Tianfu New District, and the core area of the herringbone greenway landscape belt is on the north side of the site. The focus of consideration of the project design is how to make best use of the superior landscape resources on the north side.

In the planning of the community, scattered arrangement is adopted along the north side to maximize the view of the front-line landscape. The large urban interface formed by the superposition of the circular-screen wing hall and the hanging courtyard maximizes the park view into the interior space. While responding to the landscape, the spatial axis order is also the focus. The ritual axis, which is composed of multiple spaces, is progressively laid out vertically. The club is the gateway to the city parlor, and an integrated courtyard that integrates elements of enclosure, extension and penetration becomes the starting point of the spatial layout. In terms of the design of the housing type, the angle of the circular-screen floor-to-ceiling window and the landscape terrace are opened to the widest, presenting a “full-frame” landscape vision, and actively responding to the landscape value of the core area of the herringbone greenway.

The straight and smooth architectural lines respond to the surrounding urban texture, perfectly maintaining the unity and harmony of the urban interface. The interior open elevated level and the pan-club system echo the park in a hugging way. The architects adopt a very simplified segmentation of the form, and further strengthen the form through the solidness and emptiness relationship and building parting that have a strong sense of sequence. To weaken the space boundary and relieve the pressure brought by the high-rise building volume, the horizontal lines are made of gray white and light champagne aluminum panels. The unified, coherent design language creates a pure, concise building with rich light and shadow relationship. 

Based on the design concept of environmental protection, energy saving and sustainable development and the China green two-star green building design standard, the whole community is equipped with reclaimed water recycling system, the main functional rooms are arranged with centralized central ventilation system with air purification function, and the intelligent service system with environmental monitoring, lighting control and equipment control functions, so as to create a low-carbon and healthy residential area for the future. The design uses the perception and understanding of the site to interpret the relationship between the spatial form of the residential area and the urban interface. Through the evolution of the facade form and the transformation of the group form, a container carrying life is successfully constructed next to the herringbone green corridor in the core area of the headquarters base, witnessing the good times in life.

Project Details

Yi Wenyuan, Zhang Qiang, Zhao Yu, Zhang Binhui

Project Name
Land No.32 Chengdu Tianfu New Area Residential Project

Residential Concept

Project Location

Zhang Jipeng, Luo Ye, Wang Dong, Hong Wei


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