Zhengshang Heyuzhou Sales Center | ShenZhen SENDU Environmental Decoration Design Co. Ltd. | World Design Awards 2021

ShenZhen SENDU Environmental Decoration Design Co. Ltd.: Winner of World Design Awards 2021. The Yellow River is the origin of Chinese civilization. Heyuzhou, a place make people dream of the prosperity of Han Dynasty in thousands of years ago. Today’s beautiful scenery is fascinating when looking back on the history. Centuries-old history of China originated here and flourished here. The three-dimensional landscape is presented hierarchically such as luxury courtyard, beautiful scenery, valuable gem, precious horses and famous person.

Every inch of this space is devoted to the designer’s infinite ingenuity to carry out the consideration and concern for the soul of architecture. It seems that history walks in space and the spirit of the land is still in it.

This case highlights the location and the ecological landscape of the project in the interior design, and then the introduction of “landscape” elements reflect the selling point of the project and correspond to the impression of potential customers on the project.

The whole space takes the new Chinese style as the design keynote and the concept of view-borrowing is blended in. In this case, the design theme of “landscape” integrates the local Chu and Han cultural elements. It pays attention to the primary and secondary principles, symmetrical concept and indoor ecology with introverted and simple design style. The customers who are in line with this project are calm and brilliant, with solemn connotation, elegant aesthetic style and conciseness without losing dignity and quality, and rich in connotative aesthetic generality.

At the same time, the sense of order and quality of space modeling are used to display Zhengshang’s business strength and project quality, and also give customers a good psychological feeling and stimulate the desire of customers.

Project Details
ShenZhen SENDU Environmental Decoration Design Co. Ltd.

Project Name
Zhengshang Heyuzhou Sales Center

Rongming Shan

World Design Awards Category
Commercial & Retail Interior Built

Project Location
150 meters to the west of the intersection of Minsheng Road and Yanhuang Fast Lane, Huiji District, Zhengzhou, Henan, China

Rongming Shan, Xiang Li, Yuzhen Si, Long Ma, Xiaobo Qu, Zhen Qin, Hao Zou, Lubin Li


Photography ©Credit
©Chao Sun