129 Hart Ave. | McClellan Badiyi & Associates Architects | World Design Awards 2023

McClellan Badiyi & Associates Architects: Winner of World Design Awards 2023. The major task of this project is to renovate the existing first floor, add a new second floor, and add a roof observation deck. This single-family residence was built between 1904-1907. The building is the oldest surviving structure of its kind in this neighborhood. It has remained virtually intact and is part of the City of Santa Monica’s Historic Registry. It is and forever will be an honor for our firm to have been able to add on to this historic building. None of the original drawings of the project existed in any archive thus the project was field measured to reconstruct the floor plans and elevations of the existing building. During the field measurement and study of the dimensions, both vertical and horizontal, a very sophisticated system of proportions was discovered. Following the existing proportions, the original design intent, and the building’s architectural components, the new addition design was developed.

The overall design of the project went through several renditions to satisfy the client needs as well as that of the City’s Design Advisory Board and City of Santa Monica’s Conservancy Society. Use of correct proportions as well as architectural vocabulary of the existing building allowed the project to come close to what the original architect would have done to add a second floor. The project will maintain and restore the windows and siding to its original design. The project offers a second floor with two bedrooms and amenities. The design will also offer a new roof/deck that allows for a Santa Monica ocean view.  

Project Details
McClellan Badiyi & Associates Architects

Bahram Badiyi

Project Name
129 Hart Ave.

World Design Awards Category
Private Residence (Concept)

Project Location
Santa Monica, California, USA

Bahram Badiyi, Principal in Charge of Design, Robert McClellan, Violet Dawi

United States

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©Halo Architectural Visualization Co.,Ltd – rendering

In 2009, McClellan Badiyi Architects was founded by Robert McClellan and Bahram Badiyi, both experienced professionals. In 1966, Robert McClellan established his practice as principal of Ainsworth & McClellan. The firm, later known as McClellan, Cruz, Gaylord (MCG Architects), was successful in a practice that extended across the United States to as far as Taiwan, China and New Zealand. McClellan Badiyi’s maturity of experience and wealth of construction knowledge is the solid foundation for providing superior design and planning solutions that are sustainable, efficient, functional and comply with the client’s program and budget constraints.