Global SUNAC Future City Hi-Park ( Phase I ) | Instinct Fabrication | World Design Awards 2021

Instinct Fabrication: Winner of World Design Awards 2021. 30 kilometers south of Tianfu New area in Chengdu, , the largest city in Southwest China, will open its first Legoland in 2023. The introduction of this phenomenal park will stimulate the development of the surrounding new areas. Global SUNAC(The developer of the project) has foreseen the large potential around Legoland, and therefore plan to build new community – “Future City” with future lifestyles in the fringe of metropolitan area of Chengdu.


The Future City, combined with more than 20 hectares of Central Park in the master planning, has created a 120000-square permanent open space-“Hi-Park” based on such geographical characteristics, takes the park as a green engine for the development of the new community, creates an one-stop destination, attracts people to experience upgraded life experiences, incubates community culture, and inspires people’s imagination of life in the future.

The design of the park anchors in three major elements: visitors’ experience, urban connection and ecological sustainability. The park integrates a variety of activity venues into circular spaces at diverse scales and forms the overall framework of the park. It specially emphasizes high- participation of people, high-permeability of rainwater, and high-connection with the city. The design language is extracted from the geometries of LEGO and creates a future park with simplicity, vitality, resiliency and ecological responsibility of the city.


There are two parent-child interaction venues in the park. The smiley face play circle,  which is composed of shallow water playing space and interactive fountain, is also a theater-like gathering place; Cheese Playground is a sunken children’s playground of nearly 3000 square meters, which contains a variety of play equipment. The park has two large lawns, which can hold thousands of people. It is  the social center of the park for music festivals, parties, community markets and other large-scale events. Next to the lawn it is Jacaranda Cafe, which provides people with plenty of rest and dining space through this circular building, while integrating a 360-degree view of the park. There are 800 meters of jogging trails around the park, rest seats and leisure stands throughout the park. The park also realizes reasonable drainage solution: Rain Water surface runoff will be infiltrated through permeable pavement  and conducted into underground water storage device. It is finally reused for irrigation for the park and other maintenances.



The 120000-square-meter park, presented in less than a year, is not only a time challenge, but also the constraints of construction resources (pandemic control, supply delay) and site conditions (earthwork, demolition). It is the crystallization of joint efforts by many parties, and it is also an extremely fast case of one-time development of real estate demonstration area functions combined with large-scale permanent municipal parks.


Hi-Park functions in the strong experience of future Legoland. At the same time, it provides a flexible framework for the further extension of the Central Park to the north in the future. it is a temporal landscape that meets the needs of the development of the new urban area and catalyzes the growth of the future human community.

In the ecological aspect, as a low-impact designed park, it realizes reasonable drainage solution: Rain Water surface runoff will be infiltrated through permeable pavement  and conducted into underground water storage device. It is finally reused for irrigation for the park and other maintenances. The vast permeable surface also reduces the inherent investment of the underground pipe network.


In addition to providing a huge green parcel , Hi-Park partially balances the environmental pollution caused by the construction of this new urban area. it also solves about 73% of the surface runoff in the land and reduces the inherent investment of the underground integrated pipe network. The measures of reusing water resources have also effectively reduced the maintenance cost of the park in the future and simplified the management mode.

Project Details
Instinct Fabrication

Project Name
Global SUNAC Future City Hi-Park (Phase I)

Ying Lou

World Design Awards Category
Public Landscape Design Built

Project Location
Chendu, Sichuan, China

Ying Lou, Wei Guo, Ailin Liu, Yuanhan Zhang, Jingyi Li, Jiaxing Yang, Weixin Hu, Yikai Wang


Photography ©Credit
©Holi Photography & SUNAC Sichuan

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