Bamboo Pavilion | LIN ARCHITECTURE | World Design Awards 2021

LIN ARCHITECTURE: Winner of World Design Awards 2021. Every weekend, tourists from Shanghai and its surrounding cities drive to the rural island of Chongming, China, a beautiful island with excellent ecological resources. These resources provide conditions for the further development of local tourism and agriculture. 

Knowing that the activation of public space has always been an important part of rural construction projects, the main focus of this experiment was to consider how space can shape behavior and become a social generator. The space is vertically organized—with its spatial enclosure highlighted—to entice people to break boundaries and interact with family members and strangers alike. People spend their time resting, talking, and transitioning around this installation. They build up a sense of intimacy and connection by traveling from one section to another. 

The ecological choice to use bamboo as the primary material shaped the pre-material production, processing, and on-site installation of construction. After being selected in the growing environment, bamboo is transported to the construction site after being subjected to high-temperature cooking, carbonization, and corrosion treatment. The entire construction process was done by the designers, students, and a construction instructor. The production cycle was short and very manageable in relation to the design process.

The project provides new possibilities for prioritizing collaboration between designers and students, ecological construction, sustainable operation, and teaching as research.

Project Details

Project Name
Bamboo Pavilion

Lifeng LIN

World Design Awards Category
Pop-Ups & Temporary Structure Built

Project Location



Bamboo Processing
Jingdao Yuanzhu

Technical consultant
Yinghong Shao,Hongman Hu

Material support
RAC studio

Participation in construction and design
Yuwen Gu, Jing Huang, Menji Huang, Jialin Jiang, Wenyu Jiang, Xinchao Lin, Xuqi Liu, Xiaosheng Lu, Yuxiao Liang, Ziping Lin, Dongyi Song, Siqi Wu, Yilan Wang, Hong Yu, Rulin Ye, Yuhang Yuan, Taoen Zhang, Nan Zhang.

Lifeng LIN , Jiawei Lyv


Photography ©Credit
©Songkai Liu, Lifeng LIN , Jiawei Lyv

LIN architecture is a cutting-edge design and research institution in Asia, dedicated to space research, design and education. The creative field of the studio covers architecture, urban, landscape, interior, plane, interactive technology, cultural communication, design education and virtual construction. The creative media include Publication, exhibition, video and other media arts.

The core members of the team came to the world’s top universities such as Harvard University, University of Pennsylvania, University of London, etc. The members’ works are in 2020 Beijing International Design Week, 2018 Venice Biennale, 2018 Milan Design Week Oriental Exhibition, 2019 Barcelona Design Week.