Beauty salon in Shibuya | Nanometer Architecture | International Architecture Awards 2019

Open some doors and go ahead. A hair salon is a place that opens up an unknown door to meet a new self.

Entering a narrow alley from Harajuku’s Meiji-dori, if you walk a little, the appearance of the town changes completely. It is a walking space away from the noise and cars can not enter. As you move forward, many hair salons and small stores appear in succession. From there, enter the alley further, open the door facing the outside, and go up the stairs is the planned site. Located on the second floor of a two-story tenant building, there is one tenant on one floor. Therefore, the entrance starts from the stairs.

I thought of getting through the many doors from the main street to the inside of the store, and pulled in the alley from the stairs to the inside of the salon. Through the reception, looking back, there is a large door open. Passing the door and going down the stairs three steps, a space surrounded by many doors will appear. This is a stage / cut space for change.

A door was used for each cut surface. It is a starting point to face the unknown self. The dresser made of steel has an arch shape at the top, and has pursued delicacy by thinning the member size to the limit that has been established. When seen from the front, existence is vague, and the meaning of the form fades away. However, there are various things such as a dryer holder, mirror, wax, magazines, planting, etc., and the function as a dresser is integrated.

Like Alice in Wonderland, visitors come through the door and take an adventure to find a new self. Although the delicate steel frame does not seem like a door at first glance, it aimed at such a space that boosts people coming in secret.

Architect: Nanometer Architecture/Atsumi Nonaka+Yuki Mitani
2nd Award – Category: Interior Design
Project Location: Shibuya
Project Team: Atsumi Nonaka+Yuki Mitani
Country: Japan