Cascade Mausoleum | Mitchell Wall Architecture and Design | World Design Awards 2023

Mitchell Wall Architecture and Design: Winner of World Design Awards 2023. Description: The Cascade Mausoleum, a project undertaken by MWAD, holds significant importance as it is the first new mausoleum in Bellefontaine Cemetery in over 70 years. We had the privilege of enjoying creative freedom from the client, resulting in an inspired and exceptional creation. The design concept was developed around the client’s faith, incorporating a grid system that merges the Holy Trinity with the three essential elements of man: mind, body, and spirit. The intersecting points of these grid lines define the meaningful aspects of the design.

The mausoleum comprises three distinct levels, each evoking a different experience. The Ground Level represents life, surrounded by lush vegetation, while the Crypt Level symbolizes death with its imposing black granite construction, encouraging reflection on mortality. The Top Level signifies the afterlife, featuring an ascension to a cross that also serves as a functioning sundial, providing a unique perspective and a reminder of the continuity of the soul beyond death.

The architectural style of the Cascade Mausoleum is Expressionist, designed to evoke emotions and feelings. Unlike typical projects, this mausoleum did not require conventional building systems, allowing it to become more sculptural in nature. Its orientation aligns with Astronomical North rather than Magnetic North, ensuring precise solar alignment on December 20th.

MWAD’s involvement in the project encompassed various aspects, including site selection, design development, collaboration on feature elements such as glass, gates, and stone, and overseeing the construction process from start to finish.

Project Details
Mitchell Wall Architecture and Design

Thomas Wall

Project Name
Cascade Mausoleum

World Design Awards Category
Small Building Built

Project Location
Saint Louis, MO

Tarlton Corporation

United States

Photography ©Credit
©Alise O’Brien Photography

Mitchell Wall Architecture & Design Description: Mitchell Wall created Mitchell Wall Architecture & Design in 1976 in response to a growing need in St. Louis for high-end residential design. In 2011, his son Thomas took over the business, which now specializes in commercial architecture, residential architecture, and interior design. Projects are being commissioned all over America today. To learn more, please visit