Changzhou Peach Blossom Garden | M-DESIGN GROUP | IRA Awards 2023

M-DESIGN GROUP: Winner of International Residential Architecture Awards 2023. The project is located in Changzhou, Jiangsu, China, with an area of 315.9 sq.m. In just one and a half months, the designers have completed the design, construction, and landing phases with excellent quality and efficiency.

With the goal to create a space that is both functionally convenient and aesthetically pleasing, the designers blend eastern aesthetics with modern and western elements, and use luxurious materials to give residents a noble feel.

In the living room, the marble slab is laid directly on the wall without any cutting. With heart-touching decorations and exquisite art, the area has a romantic appeal. Most of the room walls are open and translucent, so that the entire house has a more consistent design style.

Besides, stone makes up the bathroom walls and floors, while premium bathroom products like Hanswick and Hansgrohe are used throughout. The basement functions as the major recreational area, which can be used for daily family gatherings, as well as places to play cards and watch movies on a big screen.

Thanks to these efforts, this home is elegantly detailed and vivid, carrying the family’s spiritual core and depicting their rich emotional lives.

Project Details

Yirong Yang, Meijun Chen

Project Name
Changzhou Peach Blossom Garden

Private Housing Built

Project Location

Yirong Yang, Meijun Chen


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Headquartered in Guangzhou, it develops from Guangzhou Meilin Cultural Communication Co., LTD founded in 1999. It is a comprehensive designer majoring in interior design, FF&E, furniture and fabrics customization, household products, artwork integration and construction engineering.

The company has obtained class B design qualification in architecture, decoration and engineering, boasting 6 sub-brands including an architectural interior design brand (M-Design), customized furniture brand (The Xihao Workshop), fabrics and living brand (One House One Cloth), a brand of integrated household products chain (Pin House), a modern decoration engineering firm (Chuangmei Engineering), and an art platform (GoGo Art).

With powerful resource integration and execution ability, the company serves many middle- and large-sized property developer and business clients, providing comprehensive and diversified designs and engineering services in various fields including high-end real estate property, commercial space, hospitality, office space, private residence, household products and furniture, and other fields.