Tai An Dao Villa | GW Design | IRA Awards 2023

GW Design: Winner of International Residential Architecture Awards 2023. The essence of spatial perception lies in the perfect integration of order and rhythm. Through meticulous spatial layout and conceptual innovation, we use the language of architecture to depict the rhythmic beauty of the space. The creative use of building blocks is introduced into the design philosophy, continually expanding the possibilities of the layout and cleverly incorporating light and shadow elements to adorn the space with just the right touch.

Every corner, every nook bears unique functions and stories, resembling vivid scenes. The presentation of spatial layers allows us to delve into exploration and fully unleash our imagination, endowing every inch of space with limitless possibilities.

We have created a harmonious, unified, and comfortable spatial atmosphere. Residents can enjoy tranquility and pleasure here, immersing themselves in carefully designed corners and areas, experiencing unparalleled spatial beauty.


Stepping into the space, blending with light and shadow, reveals the richness and diversity of life. For families, the most sublime feeling is the complete release of the soul’s relaxation and ease. This ease stems from the carefree, unburdened state of mind, arising from the harmonious coexistence of the individual and the space, mutually and harmoniously enjoying beautiful moments together.

Living Room

The design integrates with life, with the space serving as a link, carrying the experiences of the beginning and end of life for the occupants. By infusing emotions into the scenes, whether through art, nature, or culture, the home, this private space, is endowed with a more profound meaning. This integration of emotions adds depth and significance to the spatial design. Designers blend cultural traditions and modern elements, ensuring the space aligns with contemporary aesthetic sensibilities while preserving historical and cultural legacies.

When it comes to the selection of colors and materials, we need to consider their impact on the overall ambiance of the space. Different colors and materials have the power to create diverse atmospheres, ranging from warm and comfortable to modern and elegant. It is crucial to choose colors and materials that align with the client’s preferences and the intended use of the space, thus articulating the design’s inherent definition of home.

Dining and Kitchen Area

The essence of customization originates from the meticulous and keen considerations for the residents’ lives—a pursuit of a high-quality lifestyle and a reflection of taste that stands the test of time. The use of a block-like staircase structure creates a unique sense of step-by-step elevation, harmonizing with the artfully customized dining table and the delicately adorned space, enhancing the overall coherence and comfort of the living space. Here, the core of the entire dwelling lies in the quality of life and the graceful demeanor. The combination of a beautiful environment and a dynamic pace of life allows residents to experience a sense of openness and joyous clarity in this space.

Parents’ Bedroom

With the company of family, the meaning of life may vary for each individual. Yet, for designers, returning to the most fundamental aspect, it embodies a soft and stable emotion. Within this sentiment lies a continuous yearning for the future and a profound anticipation for beautiful things.

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom maintains its elegant and profound tone while adding a touch of gentle care. The clever arrangement of a leisure single chair and a copper coffee table, enclosed in a harmonious form, fully caters to the wearied body and mind returning from the urban hustle. Every subtle aspect of life, such as shapes, light and shadow, colors, and details, is carefully integrated into the space. In this process where the tangible and intangible converge, one not only appreciates various sceneries but also enriches the breadth and depth of the dweller’s inner world through continuous experiences and memories.

Ensuite Bathroom

Dwellers set aside the complexities of their daily lives, momentarily placing their weary bodies and minds on hold, and indulging in the tranquility and solace that bathing provides.

Secondary Bedroom

In the comfortably rendered ambiance of the space, from the vast and boundless expanses of nature to the bustling and vibrant city, one ultimately finds solace in the tranquil harbor of home. Every subtle fluctuation of emotion deserves to be tenderly embraced. The designer passionately crafts delicate bedding and lighting arrangements, acting as a true companion, attentively addressing each need, transforming the chaos of life into a serene ocean at this moment.


Unearthing the depth of life, delving into the dimensions of space, the loft space experiences a rejuvenation. In this haven, residents discover the intrinsic rhythm of life, whether between the lines of a captivating book or in the moments of tending to beloved plants. In a tranquil corner of home, family shares time together, brimming with love for life, observing, recording, and appreciating every fleeting moment.

True happiness for an individual isn’t just staying in the brightness. It’s about gazing at the passing time from afar, rushing towards it with determination. It’s in those moments of striving and losing oneself that life truly becomes fulfilling. The process of design services mirrors this philosophy.

Project Details
GW Design

Wang Wanfei

Project Name
Tai An Dao Villa

Housing Upto 5 Floors Built

Project Location
Tianjin, China

Wang Wanfei, An Huiran, Jia Xiaoling


Photography ©Credit
©Photographer: Hua Zi

In Chinese interpretation, G (格) stands for Exploration, Discovery, Creativity, and W (物) means Implementation, Products, Results.

GW Design was founded in 2012, with Mr. Wang Wanfei persisting in design leadership. He advocates that a house is not merely a machine for living; it is the outer shell of a person, an extension of oneself, a divergence of the spirit.

Fueled by scattered sparks of inspiration, he initiated his own design studio. Starting with a small office accommodating two or three people, it has now expanded into a 200-square-meter office. Mr. Wang Wanfei, propelled by his inner passion, has created the GW Design brand.

To date, GW Design has evolved into a design company primarily focused on high-end residences and boutique commercial projects. The company is committed to providing comprehensive, entrusted design services for residential clients, fully understanding their needs, and offering exclusive design solutions for each customer.

Empowering commercial spaces through design, GW Design aims to provide high-level spatial works for more businesses, offering them a completely new spatial experience.