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C&M Design: Runner-Up of World Design Awards 2023. This project is located in Yingshang County of Fuyang City, a thousand-year-old county of Fuyang, which is known as the “Liang-Song-Wu-Chu Rush, Qi-Lu-Bian-Luo Road”, and the “double bridgehead” of the Yangtze River Delta and the Central Plains urban agglomeration.

How to interpret the thousand-year charm of Fuyang, so that residents can quietly enjoy a poetic and exquisite life, but also in the prosperity of the times, to create a space with the spirit of the place and memory, is the main focus of our research. The Yinghe River, the mother river of Fuyang people, has nurtured thousands of literati and artists. In the ancient city of Fuyang, on the banks of the Yinghe River, we propose the theme concept of “landscape culture, oriental elegant residence”, combining contemporary Combining contemporary Chinese aesthetics and Yingshang’s regional characteristics, the project breaks the complexity of the traditional Chinese landscape, fits the Fuyang landscape culture, and reshapes the modern Oriental elegant residence, awakens the residents’ sense of identity with the city’s memories and history and culture, and enhances the residents’ sense of belonging.

The project is inspired by one of the four famous gardens in China – Liou Yuan, taking the layout form of Liou Yuan as the root bone, interpreting the rhythm of the three-entry space, creating courtyards and landscape nodes with oriental characteristics, expressing the introverted, implicit and mysterious oriental aesthetic interest, and recreating the poetic life of the human dwelling. The names of the landscape nodes are derived from the Hao Pu Pavilion and Wen Mu Xiang Xuan in the Liou Yuan, integrating elements such as Soviet-style water features, pavilions, curved bridges and folding corridors to create a landscape effect of pavilions, corridors, streams and mountains surrounded by rocks and forests, and winding paths and seclusion.

The garden is an artistic flavor, but also a sympathy between humanities and nature. According to the traditional garden pavilion layout, rockery stacking, water planning, the entire courtyard with a long corridor surrounded by a side of the water, undulation, step by step, the scene is different, as if a landscape scroll unfolding, the pavilion of the eaves on stilts, pavilion under the pile of stone landscaping, trestles, bridges, pavilions, sit and watch the lotus, to feel the water’s spirit and quiet, the literati and the beauty of the landscape naturally and harmoniously kneaded together! Through the meticulous carving of each place, it brings people a wild, natural and harmonious living experience. Garden construction of the exquisite location, the garden path of the meandering, step by step, walking in the landscape scroll, square inch, pavilion corridor and water pavilion, reflecting each other, the mountains and the water, the breeze on the face, all reflecting the unique charm and charm of Chinese culture, living here is like traveling through the millennium back to the ancient times, home as if home, living the sense of respect is visible everywhere.

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C&M Design 

Zhu Jie

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Chengmei Center Manor

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Landscape Design

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C&M Design


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