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Kris Lin International Design: Winner of World Design Awards 2021. The project is sales office of residence area. We introduced the philosophical thought in the oriental culture of Square Sky and Circle Earth. The overall exterior wall is square and facing the sky while a circle mould facing the earth is made in the interior space which forms the concept of Square Sky and Circle Earth.

Square Sky and Circle Earth

Circle is the knowledge of Taoism. It means make changes to conform to the trend. Square is the ideality for personality cultivation of the Confucianists. One’s application of knowledge should be flexible and one’s behavior should be conform to the ethics. The combination of circle and square together with the complementation of Confucianism and Taoism form the core spirit of Chinese traditional culture. With application of the concept of Square Sky and Circle Earth, the project extracts the two elements of square sky and circle earth and apply them into architecture and interior design by a modern design approach. The overall building is in shape of square to show the beauty of square facing the sky, while the interior is designed in circle to show the beauty and softness of circle facing the earth. This both shows the relation between Square Sky and Circle Earth and forms perfect combination of hard and soft in the overall architecture space.     


40 types of circles in different sizes are applied to form the overall interior space layout. The sand table in the center of the building is the biggest circle in the whole building. Starting from the center circle, there scatters out circles in different sizes to complement the whole interior space, while forming a complete and dimensional space with other function area such as VIP meeting area.

The Waterfall of Light

A main light is set in the big circle in the center of the building. It pours down like a waterfall of light and becomes the visual center and luminous point of the whole building.

Glass Wall

Transparent wired glass is used in the interior cone of steel structure. This shows a visual effect which has certain space boundary but very transparent.

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Kris Lin 

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Kris Lin International DesignO

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Interior Design Built

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Kris Lin, Jiayu Yang


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