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Zhuhai Zhengfang Urban Development: Winner of World Design Awards 2022. Xianglu Bay City balcony is located on the east side of Haibin North Road and the west side of lovers middle road in Xiangzhou District,Zhuhai city. There are four plots in total, with a total planned land area of about 350000 square meters. Taking advantage of the unique geographical environment of Xianglu Bay, the design method of retreating desktop landscape architecture is adopted to highlight the style elements of “integration of mountain, sea and city”, and artificial waterfalls are added on the original basis to realize the landscape effect of leaning against mountains and rivers and facing the sea A panoramic view of Zhuhai Grand Theater, Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge and other landscapes.

The project will build three underground passages, and build pedestrian overpasses and air trestles to integrate the beach, Lovers Road and Xianglu Bay, break the terrain barrier, realize the connection between mountains and the sea, create a charming viewing platform and improve the quality of urban tourism services.

Among them, there are three highlights that have become the “Instagram-Worthy Location”: the romantic water show theater, the first pedestrian overpass on the lovers’ road with a total length of 175 meters, and the sea viewing balcony with a length of more than 300 meters.

During holidays, the average daily passenger flow of xiangluwan City.

Project Details
Zhuhai Zhengfang Urban Development

Wang Jie

Project Name
City Balcony

World Design Awards Category
Urban Design Built

Project Location

Guo Fan, Wang Weriren, Chen Jianming


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©Zhuhai Zhengfang Urban Development

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