Dothink • Airport City Sales Center by GFD | World Design Awards 2020

GFD: Third Award of World Design Awards 2020. Airport New Town, known as the “gateway” of Hangzhou City, is adjacent to Qiantang River, connected to the Asian Games Village and the Olympic Sports Center, and accessible to the “Airport Metro Line” under construction. Situated at the flourishing south bank of Qiantang River, it’s promoting airport-oriented development in tune with the times.

DOTHINK · AIRPORT CITY is a property development located in the core area of the Airport New Town. Through integrating diversified advantageous resources, the development aims to create a life model and redefines living space in this era.

The project is the sales center of DOTHINK · AIRPORT CITY. GFD, a local design firm, was entrusted to conceive the space.

Minimalism is a kind of lifestyle aesthetics that weeds out the superfluous and returns to the original simplicity. As approaching the project, GFD broke the boundaries of space based on human scale, and adopted the approach of deconstruction to incorporate modern artistic aesthetics into the design, hence created a simplistic and pure aesthetic space.

In the foyer, light hues and curves generate an ethereal atmosphere. Embedded on the curved structural surfaces, the strip lights appear neat and clear. The orderly vertical aluminum stripes on the wall enhance a sense of formality, which is eye-catching and unique.

The lobby is dominated by holistic structural languages and fluidity. It features a smooth circulation and large areas of white surfaces, which endow the space with an artistic aesthetic. Large French windows bring nature into the interior, with lights running through it.

Terrazzo unifies the floor of the space. The site location display area is set at the end of the lobby, with a spiral staircase next to it, while the oval-shaped property model display table is arranged at the full-height central area, above which is a stunning lighting fixture. Lights fall down from the mirror ceiling and spread to all directions, which creates a dreamy scene of sparkling starlight.

The negotiation area is beside French windows. The columns featuring curved surfaces partition different sections to satisfy various negotiation needs. The passage, which is next to the secondary entrance, is separated from the negotiation area by curved panels. The bar counter has a three-layer curved side surface, which echoes with the structural languages of the overall space. Lines run through the ceiling, and hence enhance the layering of the space. The VIP negotiation area at the corner is semi-closed, which ensures privacy while not blocking the view at the same time.

The passage outside the washrooms is highlighted by irregularly-arranged strip lights, which add a futuristic feeling to the space.

The audio/video area is at the other end of the lobby. Equipped with cutting-edge holographic projection technology, it combines art and technology, form and daily life, gets rid of geographical and time constraints, and carries expectations for the future.

The spiral staircase lead to the second floor, accompanied by white lines and complemented by the artistic lighting fixture.

2F mainly serves leisure and negotiation purposes, with warm hues setting the overall tone. On one side of the staircase are the tea-drinking area, conference room, VIP reception room, and office, while the leisure area is on the other side. The two-layered black and white reception desk is placed right near the staircase, for the sake of guiding visitors. The resting & communication section enjoys abundant daylight, with columns and ceiling lines marking off different functional areas.

The curved screen wall is a visual highlight. Characterized by neat lines, the second floor provides an ideal space for a variety of activities.

In short, based on fabulous artistic aesthetics, the sales center incorporates diverse experiences and sets a forward-looking example for new urban lifestyles.

Firm: GFD
Architects: Ye Fei
Category: Commercial Interior Built
Project Location: Hangzhou
Team: Ye Fei, Guo Yan, Shen Wei

Country: China
Photography ©Credit: YUJI Studio

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