EL SOL | IVVA (SHANGHAI),INC. | World Design Awards 2023

IVVA (SHANGHAI),INC.: Winner of World Design Awards 2023. Developed by Golden Topper Group, a top real estate developer in the Philippines, El Sol is a brand new coastal cultural tourism project in the holiday paradise of Mactan Island, a ten-minute drive from Mactan-Cebu Airport. The project integrates hotels, commerce, and residences in the 70-meter-high building. Themed with a coastal utopia, the overall design blends the seascape, coconut scenery, and inner tranquility to reshape the fashionable prosperity and poetic natural landscape of the city, enjoying the beautiful sea view from the skyline.

The entrance welcomes the guests with a concise Italian beige marble landscape wall, combined with the 70-meter-long coconut grove to enhance the sense of ceremony. The drop-off area is the entrance of the hotel, which is equipped with a shopping street of luxury brands to create a holiday-like experience that is prosperous outside and tranquil inside.

The stylish roof garden on the 4th floor features a light vacation environment, where the natural elements of water, wind, and light become the distinctive themes of gardens. The design creates modern flowing land art and relaxing and comfortable hotel-style landscapes—thus creating a new experience of an international fashionable and artistic resort.

The Garden of Water is designed around the blue and clear infinity pool adjacent to the spectacular resort seascape, where the water and sky merge together. At dusk, the intoxicating sunset blends with the blue ocean and the translucent swimming pool, creating the purest vacation experience.

The Garden of Light features a mini bar with gorgeous light and shadow, surrounded by coconut groves, frangipani, and murraya exotica, resulting in a “cocktail garden” in the lush forest. The birdcage art installation set at the end creates a sense of a bird’s nest. The drop-shaped seats made from stainless steel mirrors as the core, match the flow and change of light and shadow at night, echoing with the relaxed jazz, fine wine, and coconut wind, creating a pleasant island vacation vibe.

The Garden of Wind is an outdoor sports field for guests, in which the children’s playground contains a sandpit, climbing ladders, and castle toys to allow children under three years old to play in the sand safely in the hotel. The adult sports venue includes a tennis court and basketball half-court, bringing guests the wonderful experience of enjoying sports while appreciating the colorful coastal scenery.

Project Details

Yaping Song

Project Name

World Design Awards Category
Landscape Design Concept

Project Location
Punta Engano, Lapu Lapu City, Philippines

Yaping Song, Chunfu Lin, Zhihui Jiang


Photography ©Credit

Established in 2019, IVVA (SHANGHAI),INC. has actively launched business in domestic and foreign markets to contribute to strengthening the international influence of Chinese design.

IVVA is dedicated to experimental and classic landscape design, and endeavors to lead a wide variety of landscape styles, including fashionable modern style, Miami vacation style, Dubai style, natural vacation style, garden style, metropolitan style, neo Chinese style and upscale artistic landscape, as well as the design of vigorous urban public space. What’s more, the practice pursues the perfect unity among master planning, architecture, interior, landscape, lighting and artworks.