Ningbo Intelligent Manufacturing Port· Core Innovation Park/ Core Innovation Center | GREENTOWN CHINA HOLDINGS LIMITED | World Design Awards 2023

GREENTOWN CHINA HOLDINGS LIMITED: Winner of World Design Awards 2023. Ningbo Intelligent Manufacturing Port is situated at the southeast of the High-tech Zone in Ningbo City. In response to the city’s blueprint for building “Yongjiang Science and Technology Innovation Corridor” and a “global intelligent manufacturing capital”, intelligent resources and high-tech companies have been constantly gathering at the Port. The Ningbo Intelligent Manufacturing Port· Core Innovation Park (Phase I) and Core Innovation Center (Phase II) are jointly developed by Greentown China and Ningbo High-tech Zone Administrative Committee.

Ningbo Intelligent Manufacturing Port is the first industrial park in Ningbo with intelligent manufacturing, smart life and smart operation as its core. It breaks away from the mode of traditional industrial parks that are equipped with homogeneous facilities. Instead, it integrates diverse functions including intelligent factories, R&D center, central park, maker community, talent apartments, and commercial facilities to create a hybrid innovation platform that combines “production, city, people and culture”, which is an important part in the future plan of Ningbo National High-tech Zone. The intelligent factories satisfy various functions such as production, pilot experiment and R&D, and are designed with a futuristic architectural image that accentuates a sense of technology through cutting-edge concepts, with the goal to support industrial innovation and upgrade.

In the master plan, an ecological landscape axis connects the south and north plots, and an expansive open garden square is formed at the main entrance of each plot. Building clusters connect with each other through stilt floor, suspended walkway and shared terrace, to create a diversified, three-dimensional courtyard system and build a colorful “future city” that promotes communication, facilitates organic interconnection and encourages innovation.

The industrial park is mainly composed of multi-story buildings, complemented by four high-rises. In terms of functional design, two strategies- spatial superposition and variable modules- are adopted to cater to the features of the new-generation industrial park. The vertical superposition of production spaces improves land use efficiency, while modular units, which can be separated and combined flexibly, fulfill enterprises’ needs for production, pilot experiments, R&D and offices. The full height of some parts of the first floor is 7m, which can provide large spaces for production and exhibition.

The architectural design is inspired by the dynamic rhythm of “ripples” and the connection and overlap of “chips”. Streamlined contours on the plane, horizontal strip windows, rhythmic walls characterized by varied widths and textures of components, protruding curved aluminum plates with gradient colors are adopted, resulting in industrial buildings with a strong sense of technology and future.

The buildings mainly use light gray coatings and aluminum plates, which are subtly combined with bronze-tone perforated aluminum sheets and light blue-gray glass surface. This results in a lively and contrasting color palette, which enhances the visual identity of the facade and architecture.

Project Details

Ling Jian, Jiang Jiafei, Zou Jielin, Zhang Xian, Lan Xiaoming, Zhou Xingyu, Lin Kefeng

Project Name
Ningbo Intelligent Manufacturing Port· Core Innovation Park/ Core Innovation Center

World Design Awards Category
Corporate Design Built

Project Location
Ningbo, Zhejiang

Architectural design: GOA; EPC: Ningbo Construction Group Co., Ltd, Ningbo Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd


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