Fengda Fengxiang City Sales Department | Fujian Reddy Design Co., LTD | World Design Awards 2021

Fujian Reddy Design Co., LTD: Special Mention of World Design Awards 2021. The strong flow of Mulan River is like blood, moistening the living conditions and life sentiment of putian people, and also infiltrating the cultural charm and civilization of the land. “Clear and flowing Water, Muran Bei, thousands of years spread beautiful poems…” This is the hymn left by Mr. Guo Moruo when he visited Mulan Bei in 1961. The brook chatter’d like a song. This life is full of tension taxi, and the magnificent spirit and colorful story of her and her people will still flow forward. Through the outline of the building itself, the light is introduced into the interior, and the smooth and curved ceiling shapes echo the curves around the walls, forming a unified whole.

The structure of the circular arc continues the futuristic feeling of the theme. The water ripple elements on the wall have a strong natural and vitality body, while the cream-colored background wall and the warm gray stone floor make the customers feel the warm atmosphere of the space. Circumferential warm ash, warm white undertakes dimensional laid, local tries cream-colored coriaceous sofa to undertake colorific ornament, the halcyon atmosphere is injected in cool space, comfortable and refined. Continuing the natural curving form, a water drop art installation is set at the back of the entrance, echoing the design concept of the local Mulan Creek hydrology. In white fundamental key, intersperse bright white science and technology art water drop desk lamp. Individual drops enhance the unique and stylish experience. Panoramic French window facilitates the natural penetration of light, and also enriches the force and beauty of the interior. The unintentional nature of the artwork adds to the sense of ritual when wandering. When the raindrops are tightly connected into a line, they are tightly woven at an oblique Angle to become the rain curtain, which is abstract as the partition wall of the space nature. It is as if passing through the Mulan stream, between the bow is cool and transparent.

Project Details
Fujian Reddy Design Co., LTD

Project Name
Fengda Fengxiang City Sales Department

Shubin Lin

World Design Awards Category
Commercial Interior Built

Project Location
Putian City, Fujian Province

Shubin Lin


Photography ©Credit
©Rongkun Chen