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Kris Lin International Design: Special Mention of World Design Awards 2021. The project is located in Zhangjiawo Town, Xiqing District, Tianjin. The high-speed South Railway Station Science and Technology Business District in this area will become a Beijing-Tianjin comprehensive transportation hub in Tianjin, Beijing and Xiong’an New District. The surrounding transportation is convenient. Designers hope that the shape of the art gallery in the box makes the project a visual focus and attracts people’s attention, and it is hoped that the outlook of the future living status of the area will be conveyed through design. The project is divided into two floors, the first floor is the hall display area and the coffee recreation area, the second floor is VIP reception and office area.

Frame structure

The frame structure has two functions: one is the definition of function, and the other is the aesthetics of design.

The entrance foyer space is a two-story empty space without any partitions. The designer adopted the concept of “frame structure” to solve the functional division of the space while completing the aesthetic design of the styling of the interior space, enhancing the space tension and artistic sense.

Definition of function

The designer wants to break the rigid cube shape, and use the shaped blocks and grilles to form the division and definition of space functions. Through the collision of light and materials with different shapes, colors, and textures, a dramatic change is created, which gives the hall display a strong visual focus of the district and makes the entire space feel like an art gallery that exists in a box.

The aesthetics of design

When the sections are combined, staggered, and arranged, the sequence of the space is also completed, making the overall space smoother. It combines functionality and fully understands the needs of guests and the flow of people, showing the dynamic lines in clever use. The order above makes the space perfectly integrate the design aesthetics and function. The polyline light belt above the sand table extends the area on the first floor, making the space more visually extendable and making the space more brilliant overall.


The designers chose an art pendant lamp inspired from fireflies. The agile form not only increased the fun in the space, but also extended from the foyer display area to each area of ​​the space, making the entire space as natural and smooth as flowing clouds. They are intertwined in this artistically rich spaces, making guests feel the beauty of art and nature in the space.

Project Details
Kris Lin International Design

Project Name

Kris Lin 

World Design Awards Category
Commercial Interior Built

Project Location

Kris Lin, Jiayu Yang


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