ggget Furniture Exhibiton Space | Quanhong Architect & Associates | World Design Awards 2021

Quanhong Architect & Associates.: Winner of World Design Awards 2021. Time and space are the permanent theme for philosophy to explore. Einstein’s theory of relativity believes that space and time can be transformed into each other.

Time is the another form of space. Time and space are indivisible as a whole. Explore is never a simple world,

Looking forward to an exclusive exploring journey of ggget.

The starting point of QUANHONG design is to maximize the use of space within a limited height, Divide the space into sales, exhibitions, conferences, and reception room based on the functions; Remove the tedious decorative components, In this way, reaches a unified and concise space aesthetics of function and vision.

Project Details
Quanhong Architect & Associates

Project Name
ggget Furniture Exhibiton Space

Shi Quanhong

World Design Awards Category
Commercial & Retail Interior Built

Project Location
Hangzhou Dongxinhechuangyuan 32#3f

Shi Quanhong


Photography ©Credit
©Cao Yin