Greentown · Jiaxing Jinyu Garden | GMC Landscape Design | World Design Awards 2023

GMC Landscape Design: Winner of World Design Awards 2023. In the birthplace of Jiangnan culture, Jiaxing, stands a uniquely crafted project called “Pool of Grain”. Its name is derived from “City of Grain,” where three crops rotate: wheat, rice, and fine-stemmed needle grass, paying tribute to Jiaxing’s rich historical and cultural heritage. The design of Pool of Grain integrates the characteristics of “dwelling by the water, living with the water” and exquisite humanistic impressions of the water town, emanating an elegant and refined theme.

The inspiration comes from the Xi Tang Liangrang Hotel and the painting “Eight Views of Jiahe” in Wuzhen, which is the soul of Pool of Grain. Leveraging modern aesthetic techniques and blending the essence of Jiangnan gardening, Pool of Grain has created a distinctive architectural style unique to the water town. It inherits the elegance of Jiangnan’s customs and literati culture, conveying the beauty of Oriental spirit. Through artistic techniques such as “deconstruction, juxtaposition, connection, enclosure, and focal points,” the central courtyard of Pool of Grain becomes the core, with a prominent red pavilion standing above the water, continuing the tradition of Jiaxing’s red boat culture and classical lacquerware craftsmanship. It blends traditional construction with modern craftsmanship, perfectly integrating Western charm with Eastern flavor. The four-sided corridor cleverly connects functional spaces, transcending the physical boundaries between architecture, landscape, and people, intertwining and creating a diverse garden experience, crafting a poetic residence rich in Eastern charm for its residents.

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GMC Landscape Design

GMC Landscape Design

Project Name
Greentown · Jiaxing Jinyu Garden

World Design Awards Category
Landscape Design

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Qiu Bin, Lv Ying, Xu Weili, Ye Ting, Zheng Siqi, Lei Yunfei, Zheng Diwen, Wei Danna, Zhou Jingxuan


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©Zhejiang Qingkun McCann Landscape Design Co., LTD

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