Greentown • Phoenix Mansion, Ningbo | Greentown China Holdings Limited | World Design Awards 2021

Greentown China Holdings Limited: Winner of World Design Awards 2021. Situated at the epicenter of the Eastern New Town, the future political, economic, cultural and commercial hub of Ningbo City, China, the Phoenix Mansion is a residential community that enjoys unexceptional geographical advantages with convenient transportation and top amenities and services. The plot is zoned for diverse uses suitable for various operations. The project is strategically positioned to consolidate Greentown’s brand influence and value in Ningbo. As a milestone project of Greentown since its deep involvement in the development of Ningbo City over the past 17 years, the Phoenix Mansion undertakes the responsibilities of ushering in new heights of top luxury properties in the city and exploring new urban aesthetics. It symbolizes Greentown’s ambition and love for Ningbo and the mission of creating pleasant homes and a wonderful life.

A key challenge of the project is how to connect it with the character and culture of the city, demonstrate the aesthetic ideas of Greentown and combine art with technology.

    Environment is a key factor that indicates the quality of residences, and a priority in the master planning of the community. The project adopts a symmetrical layout based on a central axis. The central courtyards are endowed with appropriate scales and a sense of cluster, which lays a good foundation for landscape design and construction of an upscale residential community. The design fully makes use of the relationship between the site and the surrounding commercial facilities and urban park, while also maximizing the superior landscape resources and public facilities through reasonable architectural layout of the community. The goal is to provide occupants with access to the quality resources within and outside the community and meanwhile show an elegant and upscale community image.

    The project breaks traditional community master planning mode, with perfect combination of high rises and low-rise multi-story buildings, orderly-arranged main and secondary public green axes, interconnected indoor and outdoor public areas, weather-free home-coming circulation routes, and community amenities with various functions. The project aims to update Greentown’s life service system by improving services from the perspectives of G-HOUSE, G-LINK, G-BOX, G-SPACE, and G-CLUB. Public spaces, such as the stilt floors, corridors and landscape gardens, are appropriately designed as theme spaces.

    The facade design adopts a simplistic modern style. It uses glass curtain walls, and meanwhile adds some new innovations. Bluish gray glass, stones and aluminum alloy plates are used as main materials, to create a harmonious relationship between architecture and nature. Wood grain is applied to the suspended ceiling of the balcony, revealing a sense of warmth along with the bluish gray facades. The architectural design emphasizes horizontal lines and the relationship of solidness and void between blocks, to highlight the pure, elegant features of the building complex. Through refined modern elements, elaborate facade proportions and details, redefined line sizes and shade relationships, and the treatment of strengthening horizontal lines while weakening vertical lines, the buildings unfold with a human friendly-scale and appear more delicate with a rich sense of layering, hence forming a quality modern residential community.

Project Details
Greentown China Holdings Limited

Project Name
Greentown • Phoenix Mansion, Ningbo

Greentown China Holdings Limited

World Design Awards Category
Housing Concept (Multi-Units)

Project Location
Ningbo, Zhejiang Province

Jian He, Yuan Yuan, Qilin Zhang


Photography ©Credit


Greentown China Holdings Limited is a leading quality property developer and integrated living service provider in China. It maintains a leadership position in the industry with its quality properties, unique architectural aesthetics and customer centric services. The Company has been awarded the “Top 10 among 100 Chinese Real Estate Enterprises by Comprehensive Strength” for 16 consecutive years and named No.1 in customer satisfaction in the country for 10 consecutive years as well as recognized as “Product Quality First” by various mainstream organizations in the industry. It has also received such honors as “Enterprise with Social Responsibility” for many years.