Hidden GEM: Rebirth Pool Villa@Pattaya | Taweecool Architects | World Design Awards 2022

Taweecool Architects: Winner of World Design Awards 2022. “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, Hidden Gem Pool Villa’s design was built upon old unfinished housing structures that were left abandoned for years.

A site where many architecture firms have turned down, LCDs come to life. What are Low Cost Design solutions and is it possible? The quest of transformation begins when trash turns into an expressive villa design that takes into heart the focus of “home-ey” aspects and socialization paradox sentiments. In pursuit of LCDs’ sustainable designs, almost all of the old materials in the site were reused for new construction. The villa depicts a story told by deconstruction of materials where the floor became walls and leftover materials turned decorations. A drastic upcycling reformation. There are values in everything. The design gives an abandoned site a second life and new functions. In doing so, the finished design articulates a practical, valuable and beautiful villa. Folded within are senses of fun, friendship, togetherness, safety, understanding, warmth, at ease and belonging. The trend of socialization paradox with fluctuating levels of comfort and a conflicting return to pre-pandemic life, Taweecool architectural designs of Hidden Gem Pool Villa intends to evolve alongside the rapidly evolving consumer preferences. A group of travelers who find beauty in seclusion. Hidden away from one of the most populated and busiest streets of Pattaya lies the Villa. A true escape from the puzzling uncertain future. This is not trash! 6 master bedrooms instill the sense of equality to all stayers. This is trash! Outdoor sunken seat and wine cellar lets you slow down and reclaim time to reconnect with your loved ones in the most private manner. This is not trash! Two pools connected bedrooms provide the ultimate relaxation experiences. This is not trash! The villa’s seamless transitional space-flow allows inhabitants to know where others around them are at all times. This is not trash! The second leveled pool sloping designs simulate a sense of laying on a beach. This is not trash! The relative differences of ceiling’s height to floor ratio varies with excitement. A place where the creativity of designs refused to be restricted by old structures. This is a villa design that will empower travelers through the feel of home and it is for those who seek differentiation, exclusivity, privacy and leisure.

The underpinning main concept of LCDs design approach was to keep additional development of design intervention and to make a better use of what already exists. The new design has taken advantage of an existing unfinished house and revitalized it to meet new creations. The retrofitting process took the emphasis of recycling, reuse, revalue, re-patterned and upgrading of wastes from the site. Main concept and design considerations of the Hidden Gem are as follows:

  • Research-based design approach
  • Innovation through integration and invention
  • Quick installation
  • Vernacular and indigenous-inspired
  • Local wisdom and traditional tectonics
  • Low-impact to the site and its contexts
  • Zero-waste and zero-energy consumption
  • Zero-carbon emission and zero-carbon footprint
  • Maintain 100% existing of unfinished house
  • Revitalising with Low-cost Design Solutions: LCDs design concept

Project Details

Taweecool Architects

Prof.Khiensak Seangklieng,PhD.,ASA.

Project Name
Hidden GEM: Rebirth Pool Villa@Pattaya

World Design Awards Category
Hospitality Concept

Project Location
Pattaya, Thailand

Project Team   
Prof.Khiensak Seangklieng,PhD.,ASA. Sirichai Tonthong


Photography ©Credit
©Taweecool Architects

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