Huguang Xuefu Sales Center | Highly Design | World Design Awards 2021

Highly Design: Runner-up of World Design Awards 2021. Adjacent to school and lake park, Huguang Xuefu Sales Center owns not only picturesque scenery but also strong learning atmosphere. The core of design is decommercialization, turning the consumer site into a multi-functional life experience space, which weaken the customer’s alertness and resistance of selling. On the one hand, the sales center serves as a showroom and reception area for marketing. On the other hand, it was also designed to become a cafe, a library and a recreation space full of indoor plants for local residents.


Highly Design compares the sales center to a forest oxygen bar, and every guest who visits is an elk walking through it, feels peace, joy and a sense of belonging in the spaces designers have created.

Project Details
Highly Design

Project Name
Huguang Xuefu Sales Center

Highly Design

World Design Awards Category
Public Building Interior Built

Project Location

Tang Tang


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©Highly Design

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