Hutmann House | SEA Arquitectos | IRA Awards 2023

SEA Arquitectos: Winner of International Residential Architecture Awards 2023. We are in a fairly secluded location at the end of a quiet street in the town of Feáns, A Coruña. It is a building limit so the surroundings of the house are mainly wooded and with views of the city.

The house opens up to the sun and nature and also through a framed look towards the urban landscape of A Coruña. We created a filter of walls that generate from the day area a space prior to the exterior and facilitates a more intimate atmosphere for the inhabitant. The inner-outer boundary is resolved through this filter and by emptying the volume. The house is massive, timeless and contained. We seek a clear sense of protection with a rough material that faces the outside and contrasts with the warm interior.

The materiality of the façade continues throughout the roof creating a volume whose texture progressively softens towards the interior with an almost textile-like nuance in the concrete. We find it very interesting to see the nature of the material, to show its composition as each voussoir of an arch would. This concrete has dark aggregates with green and white shades that try to generate a relationship with the natural environment, as well as to give a more human scale to the whole. Time will age the house and give it a patina similar to traditional stone dwellings.

Within the protection produced by such primitive architecture, we seek other basic and pleasant sensations in human beings, such as the zenithal light that also marks the intersection of the cardo-decuman axes of the house. This point divides the house between the different areas of privacy and receives light from all orientations.

We consider intimacy to be fundamental; although open to the outside, the house faces the views in a controlled way to achieve that feeling of home. The bedrooms are more withdrawn. The whole house asserts itself in an atmosphere of protection, light and tranquillity.

Project Details
SEA Arquitectos

SEA Arquitectos

Project Name
Hutmann House

Housing Single Family

Project Location
A Coruña

Carlos Graña Ramos, Guillermo Pomar Blanco


Photography ©Credit
©Héctor Santos-Díez

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