Sevastopol by Bondart Studio | World Design Awards 2020

Bondart Studio: Winner of World Design Awards 2020. Sevastopol is a building situated in Ruse, Bulgaria. It is a historical heritage which was built in 1892.  The owner – Ivan Solarov participated in the national liberation process. There are no blueprints left from the original building, as well as information about the author of the project, but it is believed he was from Austro – Hungarian origin. It had various different functions over time which could be divided into several periods. Firstly, the building, with its neo-classical architecture, is believed to have been with public function placing a number of shops at the ground floor. In its second period, in the 1930s, the building was the headquarters of the Police and the Public Safety Agency.

Later on, in the late 1950s, the building was reconstructed and became one of the most elegant hotels of its time. That was the time when it received its current name Sevastopol.

In the late 1970s, the building gets into its last period, when after an earthquake the building was declared unusable and remained so for many years.


Firm: Bondart Studio
Architect: Bianna Taynova
Category: Public Building Interior Concept
Project Location: Ruse
Team: Simeon Draganov, Bianna Taynova, Kristina Marinova, Donika Rofetova, Gergana Petrova, Petra Manova

Country: Bulgaria
Photography ©Credit: 3d visualisation

The “BONDART” Architectural studio was created in 2007. The idea originated as a dream of young optimists / now realists / looking in the same direction.

   Our focus is on luxury projects which we design and execute to the very end, all the way until the smallest detail is finished.

We are German Design Awards 2020 winners, we also have numerous nominations in Bulgarian competitions and we have a number of publications in interior design media.