Inner Mongolia Hohhot Zhenru Mansion Leap | Shenzhen DaE Interior Design Co., Ltd. | International Residential Architecture Awards 2022

Shenzhen DaE Interior Design Co., Ltd.: Winner of International Residential Architecture Awards 2022. Zhonghai Zhenru Mansion Leaps. It is designed by DaE design. It takes light and shadow as the line and the story as the basis to create an immersion in the heart of the imaginative, self- conscious and dialogue. Various elements are naturally embedded in the interior, the integration of circles and arcs, combined with artistic furnishings that match the theme, from visual senses to emotional connections, creating an elegant and vivid temperament that is both interesting and artistic. From this connection between people and space, nature and culture, they are detached from shape, reaching that “when the movement is not lost, their way is bright”, which coincides with the spirit of current urban human settlements.

DaE design takes “the tall house” as the design concept and makes two independent and connected houses on the negative floor, so that the shortcomings of the original building can become advantages, the functions are independent and affect each other, and each space is connected in series through the sense of body mass and curved elements to achieve the unity and integrity of the space.

From Alice’s dream space for wandering in fairyland to the spiritually nourished Chanel private show, from fun, wonderful, flexible, childlike innocence to independence, elegance, intellectuality and wisdom, DaE design creates an ideal space for girls and women at different stages of life, naturally depicting an open, comfortable, natural and comfortable new urban living space.

Project Details
Shenzhen DaE Interior Design Co., Ltd.

Raynon Chiu

Project Name
Inner Mongolia Hohhot Zhenru Mansion Leap

International Residential Architecture Awards Category
Residential Interior Built

Project Location
Hohhot, Inner Mongolia

Raynon Chiu, Xiao Zhiqiang, Luo Wenhua, Chen Sumei, Gong Chunliu, Wang Sheng


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About Shenzhen DaE Interior Design Co., Ltd.

DaE Design was founded in 2005, aiming at becoming a design platform for excellent international interior designers to work together, driving the continuous progress of design concepts through information interaction and always maintaining design innovation and vitality.

We have witnessed the vigorous development of the industry, persisted in the initial intention and continued to create an industry example with great forward-looking and market value for customers As always, we uphold the core concept of “original design” and design for each like-minded owner with the service ecology of “original design plate specialization”, which accurately interprets Dayi’s unswerving pursuit in design career and its commitment to be responsible for every customer.