Joan Clinic | CAA architects | World Design Awards 2023

CAA architects: Winner of World Design Awards 2023. Today, China has become the fastest growing country in the global medical cosmetology market. Under the situation of the rapid development of the industry, uneven and even chaotic development status has been produced. CAA architects intends to redefine the industry standard in the field of medical beauty through the space design of Joan Clinic, and reshape people’s cognition that the medical beauty industry should respect life, pursue nature and advocate art.

Joan Clinic continues the design concept of CAA’s interior projects, showing people’s eternal pursuit of “body beauty” in a dynamic and vibrant space. The overall space is developed from the design language of digital, organic and Oriental freehand style.

The entrance facade is like the skin of a living body, growing with layers of rhythmic and breathing “gills”. Soft light and shadow pass through, during opening and closing, the boundary of interior and exterior is broken, and the entrance evolves into a “container” to attract people. The lobby space with a sense of ceremony unfolds along a central axis. There is a contemporary artwork with an image like traditional Chinese ink painting composed by geometric pattern stone in the visual end. Looking inward from the center, it is transformed from two-dimensional to three-dimensional, like an interstellar space-time tunnel. The “bamboo shadow” screen in the VIP space is used as the medium of space transformation, which conveys the implicit and obscure Oriental artistic conception between half-exposed and half-hidden.

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CAA architects


Project Name
Joan Clinic

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Healthcare Interior Built

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Zhang Pan, Luo Xuan, Ye Wenjie, Miriam, Li Shuyao


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