JUXTA-SCAPE: A New Perception of Campus Public Realm | NeosSpace | World Design Awards 2023

NeosSpace: Winner of World Design Awards 2023. JUXTA-SCAPE is located in the East Middle Hall courtyard of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), Minhang Campus. Different from conventional college campus sculptures, the design juxtaposes a series of aspects of the courtyard, campus scenery, interactivity, and mirror images, with the result being a striking formation “SJTU” that represents the university. JUXTA-SCAPE is a key node of the campus that stimulates interaction between passers-by and courtyard space, and enriches the narrative of daily college life.

Site Challenges:

The site is a rectangular courtyard enclosed on all sides by East Middle Hall. The main entrances are located on the east and west sides and connect essential foot traffic thoroughfares of the campus. Therefore, this installation not only serves as a core visual element of the campus aesthetic but also plays an important role in campus life and experience.

Design Strategy:

Because of the multiple viewing angles in the courtyard, the design team took 150x150x150mm as a module to build a 7.5×2.4×1.2m prototype frame. Then, the frame was divided into four sections: solidness, hollowness, mirror images, and campus scenery, which symbolize the JUXTA-SCAPE’s form, the viewing frame, and both dynamic reflection and static moment of college life, respectively. JUXTA-SCAPE represents a multi-faceted redefinition of campus public space by creating different interactions through viewing, movement, and stillness.

Spatial and Detail Design:

While the majority of sculptures are equipped with a traditional plinth, the design of JUXTA-SCAPE utilizes the pre-embedded concrete base and metal joints and chooses the same ground tiles of the courtyard for a slight elevation in order to maintain good drainage conditions. The main material of JUXTA-SCAPE utilizes stainless steel with fluorocarbon coating in SJTU’s theme red color. With multiple viewing angles, it is better integrated into the courtyard and naturally guides faculty, students, and visitors to walk by and take in the view.

Social Significance:

As conventional representations of campus culture, most sculptures on college campuses in China are of important school figures, symbols, or mottos. This leads to a one-sided and formalistic communication style, and the installations are mostly disconnected from the space of the campus. JUXTA-SCAPE explores an innovative approach of campus art by meaningfully juxtaposing different scenes in an abstract and integrating human interaction into the piece itself. The installation becomes an extension of campus space, allowing the public to refresh the perception of campus space and culture.

Project Details


Project Name
JUXTA-SCAPE: A New Perception of Campus Public Realm

World Design Awards Category
Pop-Ups Temporary Built

Project Location

SHI Xi, WANG Xiaoya, DENG Zexu


Photography ©Credit
©NeosSpace, FAN Yilun

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