Shangyu Museum | Zhejiang Province Institute of Architectural Design and Research (ZIAD) | World Design Awards 2023

Zhejiang Province Institute of Architectural Design and Research (ZIAD): Winner of World Design Awards 2023. Located in Shangyu City, Zhejiang Province, China, the architectural design style is simple and timeless, shaped like two superimposed blocks, twisted to present a special tension. Starting from cultural characteristics, the architectural design overlays the shape of the book-like vertical column simulating the shape of the book page on the outside of the glass, forming the rhythm of the contrast between the virtual and the real of the building.

The lighting design method breaks through the convention, starting from the cultural attributes of the building, and adopts two treatment methods: active and passive.

For the building body, we use polished lighting to emphasize the sense of heaviness of the mass and its turning relationship. For details, we emphasized the detailed local structure with linear luminaires, and at some windows and entrances, we additionally used detailed lighting to express the interlacing between heavy architecture and delicate details.

The design intends to evoke people’s memories and interest in local culture through the shaping of abstract historical pages, and change the inherent impression of traditional elements in people’s minds from the root.

In order to save energy as much as possible, in the selection of equipment, we not only care about the effect, but also use accurate light distribution methods and low-power and high-efficiency lamps to achieve the purpose of energy saving.

After the completion of the project, it has become a very dazzling cultural landmark in the local area. When it glows at night, it also calls on locals to pay more attention to the city’s history and culture.

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Zhejiang Province Institute of Architectural Design and Research (ZIAD)


Architectural Design
Zhejiang Provincial Institute of Architectural Design and Research

Shaoxing Shangyu District Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism
Shaoxing Shangyu Museum Zhejiang Architectural Design and Research Institute

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Shangyu museum

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Lighting Design

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Introduction to Zhejiang Architectural Design and Research Institute

Zhejiang Provincial Institute of Architectural Design and Research (ZIAD) was founded in 1952, with the chief editor participating in the compilation of a large number of national and Zhejiang Province construction engineering design specifications and technical regulations.

It is a comprehensive survey, design, and research unit with various A-level qualifications in architecture, planning, landscaping, municipal engineering, fire protection, and other fields that enjoys high reputation in China.