Kuzubag Wınery & Salıh Kuzu House | Denız Caglar Duman Archıtectures Co Ltd. | World Design Awards 2023

Denız Caglar Duman Archıtectures Co Ltd.: Winner of World Design Awards 2023. Creating a harmonious coexistence between people and the natural environment lies at the heart of our architectural endeavor. Our project, nestled within a picturesque vineyard, encompasses both a dwelling and a winery, each carefully designed to embrace the surrounding landscape while delivering maximum functionality and visual aesthetics.

The essence of our design philosophy is the seamless integration of human habitation and nature. Our house is a testament to this commitment, its architecture conceived to make a statement. It is strategically positioned to offer panoramic views of the vineyard, enabling residents and visitors to connect deeply with the environment. These biophilic choices elevate the act of observation and underscores the importance of experiencing nature from within the comforts of our abode.

On the contrary, the winery is an exercise in subtlety. Almost imperceptible against the backdrop of the vineyard, it epitomizes the notion of architecture as an unobtrusive companion to nature. Its unassuming presence allows the landscape to remain the focal point, reiterating our belief that architecture should gracefully complement, rather than overshadow, the environment it inhabits. Tasting the vine where it’s grown is a sensory journey that encapsulates our dedication to creating memorable experiences.

The winery features a dedicated area showcasing 16 different grape types. The tasting area is strategically positioned to provide an overlook of this display, allowing visitors to view the grapes they are tasting at the eye level enhancing the wine tasting experience, creating a deeper connection between the wine and its source.

The winery’s well-thought-out design ensures efficient grape processing. Grapes are initially brought to the separation and pressing room using a tractor, and then they can be seamlessly transferred to the maceration.

tanks using gravity flow. This design not only streamlines the winemaking process but also minimizes the need for mechanical intervention, preserving grape quality and facilitating a smoother workflow.

Beyond its captivating appearance, our project serves as a window to a sustainable future. Employing locally sourced materials, harnessing solar energy, natural ventilation is crucial for maintaining indoor air quality, reducing energy consumption, resulting in a healthier living environment, demonstrating that sustainability can effortlessly coexist with functionality and visual aesthetics. This not only minimizes the carbon footprint but also celebrates the region’s natural wealth.

In conclusion, our design symbolizes our commitment to environmental stewardship. Transcending the traditional boundaries of architecture, fusing dwelling and winery into an ode to the harmonious interplay of humanity and the environment. Embodying a legacy of beauty and sustainability. We invite you to join us on a journey towards a future where buildings are not just structures, but a seamless connection with nature and a profound commitment to caring for our environment.

Project Details
Denız Caglar Duman Archıtectures Co Ltd.

Denız Caglar Duman

Project Name
Kuzubag Wınery & Salıh Kuzu House

World Design Awards Category
Architecture and Design

Project Location
Hancalar Vıllage /Cal/ Denızlı / Turkey

Tanyu Genc


Photography ©Credit
©Cemal Erdem

Founded in 2006 by Deniz Çağlar Duman, our architectural office champions the fusion of human-centric design and environmental responsibility. Drawing from a diverse career background, Deniz Çağlar Duman has cultivated a philosophy placing people and the environment at its core.

Sustainability is not an option but a mandate. We understand the pressing need to curtail our ecological impact, infusing sustainable practices and materials into every project. Our aim is to craft spaces that enrich lives while respecting and conserving the biodiversity.

Visual aesthetics and efficiency are the cornerstones of our approach. We believe architecture should effortlessly harmonize practicality with beauty, creating spaces that not only engage the senses but also maximize utility. These principles are essential for transforming spaces and enhancing lives, emphasize our commitment to conscientious design.