Thermal Park | SOPA – Society Particular, Zuocheng Architect & Associates | World Design Awards 2023

SOPA – Society Particular, Zuocheng Architect & Associates: Winner of World Design Awards 2023. The project was to transform a tiny hot spring well with very limited daily output into a spacious and inviting spa retreat that can welcome 200 guests. We faced the challenge of creating a design that would maximize the use of the scarce water resource, while also providing a comfortable and enjoyable experience for the visitors. Our solution was to take advantage of the site’s hilly terrain to create a variety of water features, such as hot and cold pools, ponds and waterfalls. These would not only offer different bathing options, but also create a natural circulation system that would recycle and purify the water. We also used landscaping to create tranquil and private spaces for relaxation. These offer a contrast to the open and panoramic views from the upper levels. Our hotel rooms are arranged along “The Ring”, a circular structure that surrounds the “spa garden”. This allows every room to have direct access to the spa facilities and a view of the water features.

We aimed to revive the local tradition of building with wood, which has been largely replaced by concrete and steel for economic reasons in past decades. We innovated a wood structure that can be mass-produced efficiently and affordably. This enabled us to reduce both the cost and environmental impact of our project. We believe that our project demonstrates the feasibility and benefits of using wood as a sustainable building material.

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SOPA – Society Particular, Zuocheng Architect & Associates

SOPA – Society Particular, Zuocheng Architect & Associates

Project Name
Thermal Park

World Design Awards Category
Hospitality Concept

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Yong Cui, Mindaugas Glodenis, Ignas Rackauskas, Xin Guo ,Ping Lu, Jingru Zhang


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Society Particular (SOPA)

Sharp, blunt, to the point. Society Particular (SOPA) is a young international design firm specialising in architecture, urbanism, floatation and industrial, founded in 2013 by Yong Cui.

SOPA suggests a delicate balance between society and the particular. SOPA is committed to exploring architecture as a medium with which both to think about society and particular.

With a multi-disciplinary approach to complex social issues, SOPA has gained extensive experience in urban regeneration, waterfront developments, tech office, museum, retail, hotel, residential and experimental buildings. SOPA develops concepts and visions that address sustainability, synergism and hybrid.