La Vie En Rose by Moreno Interior | World Design Awards 2020

Moreno Interior: Second Award of World Design Awards 2020. Designed personally by Mr Eddy Kertawidjaja, this 300 SQM penthouse belongs to a couple who wanted a practical, luxurious, secure and comfortable home that would feel like being inside a five-star hotel.

The penthouse comprises a vast living room that doubles as a dining and kitchen area, a spacious master bedroom suite, a study room, a guest room with adjacent bathroom, as well as a cleverly-designed storage room.
The owners requested specifically for hotel-like characteristics for their home, including luxury, convenience, security and comfort. Luxury, therefore, became one of the principle characteristics of the penthouse, with top quality materials used throughout. The use of marble and onyx, for example, gives a feeling of opulence throughout the penthouse, and the use of cool running LED lighting avoids the unwanted heat build-up experienced with ordinary lighting systems.

For the sake of convenience, the designer picked a design that allows easy maintenance. Classical style furniture, for example, was not an option because it needs a more thorough maintenance process. The use of motorized curtains by the 5 meter tall windows, as well as using longer-lasting LED lights, also make for an easier life.

Security inside the penthouse is executed not only through the thoughtful placement of CCTV cameras, but also through the use of sensor-activated lights which provide comfort and security for the occupants, even in the dark. In the interior design, the furniture pieces have been carefully designed to reduce the risk of any accidents, with curved furniture sides and layout ensuring no sharp edges or corners.

The final point is comfort, which is just as important. The designer, for example, brought custom-made furniture pieces to make it more convenient for the occupants to store and grab their daily essentials.
Arriving through a private elevator, we were immediately greeted by the living room of the penthouse, placed adjacent to the pantry. Painted in a color scheme that is reminiscent of a delicious food theme, a rich-in-style and elegant presentation is the dominating ambience here. Caramel brown, golden honey and white vanilla combine to create a harmonious look. Right above the leather-bound settee that faces the television is an exquisite, round Dandelion crystal chandelier. Additionally, the designer also applied
different mood lighting to enhance the elegance of the penthouse.

The master bedroom is an L-shaped room which allows the area behind the bed to be adorned with a beautiful yellow onyx made by Bloomsbury. The room also features an open design that allows 70% of the floor area to be flooded by the natural rays of the sun, lending a sumptuous and comfortable feel. In front of the bed is a spacious wardrobe area that is adorned with an exotic-looking chandelier hanging above. The master bedroom also showcases a glowing golden accent from a strategically-placed mirror, positioned in such a way by the designer to ensure a spacious ambience in the room.

The guest room is found on the other side of the penthouse, with an adjoining bathroom that is designed with large openings to keep it bright and airy. Beside it, is a luxurious dining area that boasts a Baccarat chandelier. The table top is made of onyx, reinforcing the elegant and gleaming ambience of the room.

This penthouse is replete with unique details and accents such as the mezzanine storage room that is equipped with an adjustable shelf to optimize the space within. In addition to the two private elevators,
there are two Asian-Style Kitchens, a pantry furnished with a large island table and a marbled bathroom with a 4.5 meters tall ceiling for better air circulation.

Firm: Moreno Interior
Architect: Eddy Kertawijaya
Category: Interior Design Built

Project Location: Jakarta
Team: Eddy Kertawijaya
Country: Indonesia
Photography ©Credit: Moreno Interior