Lunas Del Mar | Zhubo Design | IRA Awards 2023

Zhubo Design: Winner of International Residential Architecture Awards 2023. LUNAS DEL MAR is located in Pinghai Town, Huizhou City, surrounded by the sea on three sides. Planning and design adopt the form of “nine grids” to divide the space, east and west for the street, north and south for the road, open a number of natural and transparent sight corridor between the sea, in the seaside itself into a new “field”. In the grid divided by these streets, the buildings are organically inserted into it, with the spacing as wide as possible to ensure that the high-rise towers have a view of the sea. They are placed in these “grids”, while the other grids below the high-rise are inserted into multiple layers to combine the spatial interface of the community.

Making the whole community space form a patchwork of high and low like a post-modern scroll picture; The square tower fits the unique seascape resources and faces the sea on three sides to improve the utilization of seascape resources. Through the canal waterway series, make the overall planning structure more rich and vivid, but also enhance the romantic and leisure holiday style.

Project Details
Zhubo Design

Yang Jin

Project Name
Lunas Del Mar

Housing Multi-Family

Project Location

Chen Shumin、Zhou Jian、Li Xiao、Wu Guoying、 Long Hao、You Xia、Chen Xi、Shi Shuo、Huang Kaixi、 Jiang Lin、Chen Weiping、He Liuwei、Wang Linlu、 Liang Qixin


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