Shenzhen Anju Lanting Project | CAPOL INTERNATIONAL & ASSOCIATES GROUP | IRA Awards 2023

CAPOL INTERNATIONAL & ASSOCIATES GROUP: Winner of International Residential Architecture Awards 2023. Anju Lanting is a talent-affordable housing project, spanning approximately 60,000 square meters of land with a total construction area of around 480,000 square meters. It comprises 11 residential tower buildings, a small-scale commercial center, a 18 classrooms kindergarten, and other public amenities. The project’s primary objective is to offer a complete, contemporary, and comfortable high-quality home for talents relocating to Shenzhen.

Situated at the heart of Lishan Park, the project’s design follows a structured plan known as “two hearts, three zones,” characterized by an ‘S-shaped’ layout that symbolizes growth and vitality. This design philosophy harmoniously aligns with the project’s school district, creating a seamless integration of aesthetics.

The entire residential area overlooks Lishan Park and the Shenzhen School Affiliated To Sun Yat-Sen University. The unique ‘S-shaped’ tower configuration encloses two central cores, offering unobstructed panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. Residents can enjoy the vast park scenery, the ambiance of the adjacent school campus, and the intricate landscaping in the central courtyard, facilitating a cohesive relationship between indoor and outdoor environments. This provides residents with a sense of ease and contentment, whether they are inside or outside their homes.

The project comprehensively incorporates leading building science and technology, such as low energy consumption, health-conscious designs, green building practices, prefabrication, and smart home solutions. By harnessing full-lifecycle BIM technology and embracing a multi-dimensional approach throughout the project’s entire lifecycle, it aims to set a high standard for talent-affordable housing, ensuring the highest quality of construction and establishing a benchmark for residential living in Shenzhen.

Project Details

Xiaobo Yan

Project Name
Shenzhen Anju Lanting Project

Residential Built

Project Location
Guangming ,Shenzhen,Guangdong,China

Yufeng Long;Hong Ding;Xiaobo Yan; Zhongheng Xu,;Jiawei Hu;Yu Zhou;Yehong Wu;Yang Jiao


Photography ©Credit
©Jason Wu(Linjie Wu)

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