Marshmallow | ZIU IA | World Design Awards 2022

ZIU IA: Runner-Up of World Design Awards 2022. Created for a frequent business traveller who has been living in hotels for years and decides to have his own place, this apartment comes in 190 sqft of interior space and an outdoor garden. To minimize construction waste, we decided to keep the toilet and the open kitchen as to how they are originally designed by the developer. Understanding the importance of personal space, spatial arrangements are to be made to include a bedroom that is separated from the living area. Smart storage is also designed for our client who travels frequently between Vietnam and Hong Kong.

Our design is meant to be a reflection of our solutions to clients’ needs. With the limitation of space, a mezzanine floor is adopted to create a private loft. Not only does this arrangement separate the sleeping area from the living area, but it also maximises the space of the two areas.

How should the mezzanine floor look like? How should the two areas be connected? We go for a clean and sophisticated solution – a light loft. To connect the two areas, stairs are needed. However, to create a clean and airy environment, we consciously keep our design minimal, redefining stairs by disconnecting them from the loft. Meanwhile, the loft should exist in the form of “marshmallow” – light, soft, white and subtle.

Project Details

Man Ho

Project Name

World Design Awards Category
Interior Design Built – Residential 

Project Location
Hong Kong

Man Ho, Siu, Fanny Lam

Hong Kong

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©123 cheers

Ziu I.A is a Hong Kong based-interior design studio.

We endeavour to create personalised solutions for our clients, immersing ourselves into their world to investigate their needs and spatial conditions, building environments that achieve a sense of balance between aesthetics and functionality. The word Ziu in Ziu I.A, is drawn from the Cantonese pronunciation of the word “morning”, illustrating our perception of the term which we often associate with the symbols of hope and vitality. We strive to create environments that not only are visually and emotionally stimulating, but which also continue to inspire and infuse us daily.