Qingdao Yingdu No. 1 Renovation Design | Shanghai Fangxiang Landscape Design Co., Ltd | World Design Awards 2022

Shanghai Fangxiang Landscape Design Co., Ltd: Runner-Up of World Design Awards 2022. Qingdao, as a beautiful coastal city and one of the birthplaces of modern Chinese movies, has the dream of “the capital of film and television”. Project is located in the key position of “Eastern Movie Capital”, which is the inspiration of the project name. From Qingdao Liuting Airport to Yingdu No.1 Project, people can deeply feel the atmosphere of Qingdao’s livable mountain and sea urban space.

The first impression of the site is not ideal, which looks like a traditional municipal park. The project is located in the middle of the park and the site property is about 7000 square meters. As a renovation project, it is unfortunate that there are no directly usable landscape elements (waterscapes, structures, materials, big trees, etc.) on-site. Therefore, the project design is a balance between the site inventory and transformation. The overall design process is more like a precise surgical operation, which requires a rigorous and detailed design to sew.

The main entrance space of the old park is relatively messy, which requires a systematic reorganization. We have carefully designed the topography of the main entrance, which naturally connects the adjacent terrain. By integrating tree planting and topography, the 150-meter-long natural landscape space is reshaped. The current wooden boardwalk and dry creek connect the main entrance to the key landscape (rockery). The curbed path is innovatively designed under the original circulation framework. Inspired by the wave pattern, the pavement, grass steps, and planting are organically integrated, naturally involving the spatial boundaries inside and outside the property. The simple design and exquisite details make the waterscape present a good landscape effect in all seasons.

The end of the winding path is the focal point rockery of the site inventory. It has a massive volume but a rigid effect. Through the overall vertical design of the site, we took advantage of the topography to simply and effectively “demolish” the rockery. The design transforms the current “resources” (rockery, greenery, dry creek) into natural landscape elements. The rolling hills, the tortuous water, and the energetic pine create a contemporary picture of a natural pine pond.

Project Details
Shanghai Fangxiang Landscape Design Co., Ltd

Shanghai Fangxiang Landscape Design Co., Ltd

Project Name
Qingdao Yingdu No. 1 Renovation Design

World Design Awards Category
Landscape Design Built

Project Location
Qingdao, Shandong, China

Hongtai Li, Lingfeng Chen, Hui Jin, Xuehen Chang, Danlei Liao, Feng Zhao


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Fangxiang studio was founded in Shanghai, China. We are seeking the growth and integration between nature and space. All our works are devoted to establish the balance and vibrant relationship of human,natural and society.

Fangxiang, the characters excerpted from the Book of Superfluous Things, contain the feelings of oriental nature and humanities. The gardens originate in the basic perception of nature and life. So we try to transcend the boundaries of daily space, with the original intention of back to nature.

Fangxiang aims to respond to the special circumstances of each project and provide the innovative solutions for our clients, with our clear logic and excellent imagination. We prefer to show the modern natural landscape full of  the oriental gentle emotions.

Fangxiang’s core spirit is the belief of natural power. We are seeking more appropriate design strategies to coordinate the relationship of human, field and nature. So then the users of the space will be guided to discover the beauty of nature and  feel the connection of all things in nature.