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UArchitects: Winner of International Residential Architecture Awards 2022. Our main vision is to offer a holistic approach to the earth’s eco-system and to improve the long-term quality of human life. We support the eco-system through having a better life and an accommodation that is in balance with nature and the earth.

Less is more.

Less accommodation and maximum outdoor living in a symbiotic relation with the nature.

The micro home brings the idea deep integration of a house into the nature. We make a micro home with a small as possible eco foot print . Our aim is integrate the edible wall with a garden, so it is possible to grow various fruits, vegetables, herbs and different kind of nuts.

Off grid and water purification

To achieve the off-grid solution, we propose a green roof to collect the rainwater and a green façade of Ivy plants on a hydroponic system, connected to a storage water tank. Generating electricity on your own facade is now extremely simple and done by installing a few PV panels plus solar thermal heating collectors to heat up the water. The off-grid storage for solar battery storage and water purification and a water tank are adjusted in the Bathroom and the Kitchen modules.

Sewage and gardening

About 90% of all human waste that enters the toilet is water. This water is converted into air (moisture) which passes through the ventilation to outside. The remaining waste which is solid is converted to fertilizer for the garden. A ventilator consuming 12V from the house’s electricity battery storage is used to control odour.


• Walls: birch plywood or eco board

• Wood facades modified wood (50 years warranty)

• Insulation: Cellulose insulation

• Roof: EPDM with green roof on top

• Floor: Non-slip plywood or floor whitewash wooden parts

• Exterior deck of sustainability-profiled wooden part

Project Details

Misak Terzibasiyan

Project Name
Micro Home

International Residential Architecture Awards Category
Housing Concept

Project Location
The South of the Netherlands

Misak Terzibasiyan


Photography ©Credit

UArchitects and Misak Terzibasiyan

The founder and principal Architect of UArchitects, Misak Terzibasiyan, is personally and professionally focused on an international context as well as on the influence of cultural themes. This is mainly based on his ethnical background, as Misak Terzibasiyan was born in Helsinki (Finland).

UArchitects is an international studio that welcomes different nationalities. Our investigative attitude is expressed in the intensive dialogue we undertake with our clients. The scope for reflection is not confined to the projects themselves; we also look into the wider cultural context of architecture and urban development. We are making a social contribution, investigating the position and responsibilities of the architect.

He is the author of the book: Experience and Meaning of Architecture (2021) and  Experience of Architecture and Art “An Architect’s Journey” (2022)