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PT Architecture Design (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.: Winner of International Residential Architecture Awards 2022. The project is located in Nanshui Industrial Village, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China, and is surrounded by Nanshan Mountain on the west and north and faces Shenzhen Bay on the south. The design of this project combines the natural conditions of the plot, maximizes the use of mountain scenery resources and seascape resources, and achieves the goal of integrating mountains, cities, and seas into a beautiful and pleasant environment.

The site of the project is irregular in shape, and the site is generally high in the west and low in the east, with a height difference of 21.6 meters. Due to the large terrain height difference, the biggest challenge the project faces is how to stitch together the natural environment and the urban environment.

In the design, we pay attention to the relationship between the mountain, the residential area, and the city, and explore a sustainable development path of dialogue and communication with the mountain. By creating different terraces, the mountain scenery is gradually introduced into the building complex, so that it has natural and beautiful environmental characteristics and is combined with the colourful urban life.

The whole project restores the outline of the mountain through artificial planning and uses a completely natural hillside arrangement so that the Nanshui building complex and the natural environment can achieve a perfect balance and become a luxury boutique residential area.

2. Design inspiration:
The inspiration of the Project comes from the surrounding environment and landscape. Since the terrain of the Project has a height difference of more than 20 meters, this height difference is fully utilized in the design, and many staggered landscape courtyards with different heights are designed. Each courtyard has its own characteristics, and the infinity swimming pool is arranged in the highest courtyard. A multi-level overlapping valley of Great Nanshan Mountain Spring from top to bottom is built near the entrance of the Project, and the artificial landscape is seamlessly connected with the natural landscape. When you move a step in the valley, you can see another landscape with birds and flowers and gurgling streams. It fully demonstrates the living atmosphere of “being in the hustle and bustle of the city, but having a comfortable place to rest your body and heart”. On the east side of the valley, seven stacked villas are designed with their own landscape courtyards on the upper stack and the lower stack. Combined with the basement design, they are stacked and scattered, forming a unique mountain landscape features of the large project.

3. Design features
The Project makes full use of the height difference of the site to form a staggered mountain landscape of the large project. We give full play to this feature in the design. Five super-high-rise residence buildings and two super-high-rise apartments are designed into a form of board-to-point combination to conform to the mountains, and the seascape resources overlooking Deep Bay on the south side are maximally introduced into the community. Residents above a certain height can enjoy the beautiful bay view of the sea world. Each unit on the north side can enjoy the green ecological landscape of the Great Nanshan close at hand. At the same time, each high-rise tower has a sufficiently wide distance of 18 meters between them, forming a number of sight corridors leading to the Great Nanshan, and a tower overhead space with sufficient height is designed, so that the mountain scenery outside the garden can naturally connect with the garden scenery inside the garden, forming a three-dimensional landscape system with long-range, medium-range and close-range, and the interior and exterior scenes are perfectly blended. As an old Chinese saying goes, “the benevolent are willing to be peaceful like the mountains, and the wise are willing to be flexible like the water.”, The Project takes its meaning, implying the harmony of mountains and rivers, and the gathering of the benevolent and the wise. The picturesque landscape will be perfectly presented here, and it will witness the symbiosis of mountains, seas and the city.

4. Design innovation

The Project adheres to the innovative concept in the design of residential units. The design of the house type represented by Building 4 has made innovative designs in the architectural and structural design, taking into account the requirements of the proportion of large and small house types and the different landscape views in the high and low areas: the low area has four households per staircase, while the high area combines the front two households into a large residence with an area of about 250 square meters, so that it can fully meet the requirements of specific large residence products with specific landscape views to improve product value.

5. Project sustainability

In the architectural planning and design, the high-rise layout with the combination of point and plate is suitable for the subtropical marine climate of Shenzhen, the commercial layout along the street meets the urban economic characteristics, and the layout of community square, commercial street, community environment and supporting facilities meets the social and cultural needs. In the site design, Nanshan landscape on the north side and the internal courtyard garden environment are fully used to improve the residential environment. The layout, form, height, volume and color of buildings harmonize with the surrounding environment and urban space of the site. The per capita control index of residential land shall meet the requirements of Shenzhen Urban Planning Standards and Guidelines. The community includes a high-rise and super high-rise community, and the per capita land use control index is not greater than 20m2. When the comprehensive public service facilities are planned and configured, they are shared with the surrounding areas and complementary in form and business type. Within 500m of the residential area, there are seven types of facilities, including education, cultural entertainment, sports, social welfare and security, administrative management and community service facilities, commercial facilities, and municipal utilities, etc. The building layout of the residential area is compact, meeting the requirements in Shenzhen Urban Planning Standards and Guidelines that the sunshine standard for renovated residential buildings in Shenzhen shall be greater than 1 hour during Major Cold.

6. Project impact (on society, environment, economy, etc.)

As a major project newly built in the area, the Project not only serves the interests of the developer, but also shoulders part of the social responsibility, this includes building new public services to meet the needs of the entire community for health care, care for the elderly and young children, cultural activities, and sanitation in current and in the immediate future. Therefore, a community health service center, a cultural activity room, a community management room, a convenience service station, a community police room, an elderly day care center, a public toilet, a waste transfer station, a renewable resources recycling station and other social-oriented public service places are equipped in the podium of Building 1, which will be transferred to the government for free in the future.

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PT Architecture Design (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

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Mountain Blue Shenzhen

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Residential Built

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Shenzhen China

Wang Lifeng, Wei Jiangguang,Zhang Weifeng, Bai Yingwei, Guo Liyi, Liang Yunzhi,Chen Huishan, Liu Tingmin, Yang Runze, Sun Bingqing, Li Xuan, Zhang Zhenhua, Huang Xiaodan


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