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GHD Architectural Design Co., Ltd.: Winner of International Residential Architecture Awards 2022. Peachblossom Land is a superior residential development which is designed through combining traditional garden creation concepts and contemporary architectural languages. The project is located in Lucun Town, Guangde, Xuancheng City, Anhui Province. It adjoins Luhu Avenue on the east, a planning road on the south, and mountains on west and north sides. Besides, the project embraces beautiful landscape resources on the south side, as the site is not far away from Chenjiachong Reservoir and is only 3.5km away from a scenic area with lake and bamboo forests. The residential development has a plot ratio between 1.0-1.01, and a green space rate no less than 30%, with building height no more than 18m.

Xuancheng is the home of Xuan paper, the medium for presenting Chinese ink and wash paintings. Taking traditional Chinese ink-wash landscape drawings as design inspiration, the project adopts white and gray as the major tones, to turn the buildings into a “landscape painting” in a natural setting.

Besides, the project also draws on elements of local traditional houses in Anhui, such as courtyard, open-air atrium and winding corridor. Carrying the memory of the past days, those elements form a living environment that fits the spirit and philosophy of modern living in China. The subtly arranged verandas and door openings create a fluid landscape experience full of twists and turns. The “hollow” door openings capture and frame unique landscape spaces. Based on the site’s conditions, the design expands the view to landscape, and enriches the sense of layering of space. Inheriting the traditional Chinese architectural features, the project integrates the buildings and landscape into a whole. Details such as tiles, hanging decorative structures and window frames are designed with Chinese-style patterns that symbolize auspiciousness and good wish, to convey the vision for a pleasant life in the residential community.

Project Details
GHD Architectural Design Co., Ltd.

Zhang Jiyu

Project Name
Peachblossom Land

International Residential Architecture Awards Category
Housing Upto 5 Floors Built

Project Location
Guangde, Anhui Province, China

Wang Dan, Zhang Jiyu, Yan Chaoyong, Wu Haiting, Lou Haonan, Gu Jiasong


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©Hangzhou Zhiya Cultural & Creativitive Co., Ltd.

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