Nantong Yaojiang Commercial Plaza | team+ design consultant | World Design Awards 2022

team+ design consultant: Winner of World Design Awards 2022. Nantong Yaojiang Commercial Plaza is positioned as a new generation of “open leisure experience block”. Taking Nantong’s traditional architectural intention, through the sloping roof, overhanging eaves and other architectural elements, it emphasizes the inheritance of culture and the continuation of urban texture, and builds a leisure and open experiential commercial center with unique Nantong characteristics.

The texture of streets and lanes extracted from old streets conveys the traditional street culture. The exterior facade of the main body of colorful plate with full sense of science and technology and the main glass curtain wall with bright atmosphere add modernity and fashion to the new Chinese architecture. Using modern processing techniques, combining terraces, theme squares, entrance squares, and business forms, we will create a leisure and holiday-style commercial block integrating sightseeing and sightseeing.

Project Details
team+ design consultant

Xia Li

Project Name
Nantong Yaojiang Commercial Plaza

World Design Awards Category
Commercial Built

Project Location

Project Team   
Xia Li, Qingqing Xu, Xu Li, Fan Zhang, Na Wang, Weijie Huang, Qian Huang


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