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Zhejiang University Urban-Planning & Design Institute Co,.Ltd.: Winner of World Design Awards 2022. Qingshan Lake Hard Technology Center, located in the Science and Innovation Corridor of west Hangzhou city, adjacent to major institutions like Zhejiang Lab (National Laboratory), Alibaba, and transportation hub like Hangzhou West Station, is a new type of manufacturing center in Hangzhou.

The planning proposes a new concept of innovative space design — focusing on more intensive space for production, lower carbon production process, more dynamic public space, and more attentive service for talents.

Overall layout:

 Brings water feature into the site and uses greenery to create a public space for gathering and communication. It overlays the slow traffic and public space to shape a vibrant street, which improves the spatial quality in the industrial park and provides a more comfortable working environment.


Architects managed the floor loading, vertical logistics, first floor height and other factors to create buildings with high-rise exterior and manufacturing interior function. The solution improves the efficiency of land use, and transform the saved space for the public purpose.

Functional support:

the plan pays great attention to the living and social needs of talents, which makes it different from traditional industrial park based on the industrial needs first.

According to the planning, the neighborhood around the industry park has daily supporting facilities such as catering, retail, library, infirmary, kindergarten, talent apartment, etc. At the same time, public services for enterprises such as shared offices, shared laboratories and service market are set up, which highlight the feature of industry-city integration.


The industry park has planned centralized sewage treatment, energy supply and logistics distribution. A big data center makes it a smart industry park where enables efficient, safe and low-carbon production.

The project has become a key industrial platform in Zhejiang province. It is building two future communities, one is for industry, and one is for living. The project has already attracted several domestic well-known enterprises to set up offices here.

Project Details
Zhejiang University Urban-Planning & Design Institute Co,.Ltd.

Zhejiang University Urban-Planning & Design Institute Co,.Ltd.

Project Name
Qingshan Lake Hard Technology Center Urban Design

World Design Awards Category
Urban Design Concept

Project Location
Hangzhou, China

Sang Wanchen, Shi Tuo , Liu Manyun, Wu Xiaochun, Yang Huiying, Fang Junhang, Wu Xiajing, Ji Yiman, Xu Yueqiang, Zhang Haiping, Zhang Hui


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