CAPOL INTERNATIONAL & ASSOCIATES GROUP GUANGZHOU BRANCH: Winner of International Residential Architecture Awards 2023. Ecological  Shared  Technology  Health  Humanities

THE APARTMENT OF TALENT is the first talent residential project of the Guangzhou Development Zone Talent Education Group. The land is located on the Kaitai Avenue section of Huangpu District, Guangzhou, with natural mountains and forests on the west and north sides, providing a beautiful environment. The project belongs to the low-density residential community in the area, and its products are positioned to meet the housing needs of employees of small and medium-sized technology enterprises, high-end talents, and executives in the surrounding areas. It aims to build a high-level talent service center and attract outstanding talents to take root here. The project is committed to create a high-quality livable community that provides ecology, sharing, technology, health, and culture for high-end talents.


  • Ecological: The building expands along the boundary within the land use area to create more interior private gardens, integrating the building into the city and connecting the city with natural mountains. The architectural design adopts the technique of interspersing and combining blocks, forming a pleasant landscape platform at various scales at the junction, and coordinating with the layout of vertical green walls to form multiple three-dimensional green nodes. Combined with the layout of the rooftop sports garden and landscape terrace, the entire building is lush with greenery; The architectural design is transparent, which helps to maintain the natural flow of wind; The facade design extensively uses sunshades to reduce outdoor sunlight radiation, reduce indoor air conditioning load, and create a comfortable indoor environment; Create a comfortable and pleasant green community, and achieve a two star national standard design logo for green buildings.
  • Shared: With a people-oriented approach, in addition to traditional residential functions, we strive to create a shared platform for high-end talents. A large amount of public space permeates every corner of the building, creating different themed places for people to communicate, learn, and share with each other.
  • Technology: The project combines modern technological development, integrates technological elements, adopts intelligent home design, and improves living quality; Design standardization and modularization, and adopt prefabricated construction, with an assembly rate greater than 30%. The three-dimensional greening adopts an automatic irrigation system, making the entire building lively and breathing.
  • Health: The project focuses on building a healthy lifestyle. Although the plot is not large, the garden space is not only rich in plant species and landscape ornaments, but also equipped with five health exercise modules: “swimming pool, rooftop runway, fitness venue, basketball court, and health trail”, which can meet the activity needs of high-end talents in their spare time, and focus on creating a fashionable and healthy community.
  • Humanities: Based on the positioning of the residential population, commercial facilities are themed around humanities. In addition to conventional living facilities, cultural themed facilities such as libraries, e-book bars, and shared learning centers are set up to provide convenient places for high-end talents to continuously improve their learning.

The project not only shapes the overall modern and technological sense of the building, but also fills it with the warmth of home. The facade form and plane function are integrated, creating a harmonious rhythm between nature and the city as a whole.

Project Details

Ying Yin

Project Name

Residential Apartment Built

Project Location
Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

Xi Chen,Jianchun Lin,Yeying Deng,Tianlun Zheng,Yu Guan


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©Fan Yang,Ziwei Liu

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